Getting tied up in knots!

I’ve been busy playing practising knots. As you all know knots are very important for sailors because we have lots of lines and we use knots for all sorts of things. I think I’m getting the hang of it… Bisous Bailey

Training up the first mate!

Mum’s birthday present arrived yesterday! She knows a fair bit now about sailing, but she has no formal training, only what dad has taught her. So for her birthday dad has invested in the RYA day skipper tidal yacht theory course! Mum was soo happy! This means we’re one tide closer to our cruising dream. […]

Birthday celebrations and memories!

Today is mum’s birthday! Hooray! She’s feeling a little bit better and actually got off the boat for the first time in three days to go for a birthday lunch with dad. This meant that when they came back I also got some time outside to explore! Last year (before they had me) they woke […]

Is that summer coming?

Rain on the deck.

It’s a very wet and windy day here down in Rome. I popped my head outside to take a peak… And quickly decided it was too windy and it was going to be a duvet day. But as you all know, I love being outside so I tried poking my head out again to see […]

I’ve got a poorly human.

We’ve had a very quiet day here on Nocturne. Mum’s sick, she’s come down with the flu, so she’s been in bed all day. Dad went to work this morning and then came back and chilled out with me. Mum was supposed to fly back to Nice today to go back to work for a […]

Organisation is the key.

It’s really important on a boat to be prepared for every eventuality. We have lots of spares and tools. The trouble is they can get a bit out of control if they’re not organised properly. Dad’s been a busy bee and got the situation under control. Lots of assorted shackles! Sticky situation! What we can […]

Whisker Wisdom

Elliot the engine’s been evicted!

Elliot the engine is no more! Remember I told you about finding water in the fuel when the humans ended up rowing home? You can catch up here. Well it turns out the carburettor was ruined too. Since this would cost quite a lot of money to sort out, and the little 3.5hp was only […]

Magic Monday!

Mum’s back and it’s a very Magic Monday! I’m not usually too keen on lots of cuddles but I really missed my mum this time and so I treated her by sitting on her lap! She’s been trying to get me to do it for ages but today I finally indulged her! You see I’m […]