Washing Pile Selfie

Washing pile selfie

Caturday Connections- Florence and Freddy

Florence and Freddy

This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming my cousins, Florence and Freddy, to Caturday Connections! Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We’re Florence and Freddy and we are red-foot tortoises. Red-foots originate from South America but we were captive born in England last year as our species are vulnerable to extinction in the […]

April’s making furiends on the lake!

April and swans

Today April’s been making new furiends on the lake. She met and shared some food with a group of 24 swans! To begin with she was quite shy and the swans were hissing at her but, once everybody had some food, they were all quite intrigued by each other. I’ve not gone out on the […]

Very lucky to have such pawesome furiends!


Furiends I’m so overwhelmed with how generous our dear friend Pat from the Museum of Maritime Pets is. These are all the other goodies that she sent us all the way across the pond… On top of what I’ve already shown you! There’s a beautiful nautical collar and a lead for April, but at the […]

Too hot to move!

hot and bothered!

April on the new boat with her new toys!

April and her new toys

April has spent the day on the new boat with her new toys and I think you’ll agree it looks like she loves them! I think it’s so pawesome that the squeaky bouy says S.S.Canine! April loves the boat but even though these cool toys can float she’s still afraid of the water… I thought […]

Thank you so much Pat!

New toys from Pat

Furiends I’m so lucky to have such pawesome furiends, but especially lucky to have my dear furiend Pat! The women behind The Museum of Maritime Pets. She sent April a parcel of really lovely things to welcome her and of course she didn’t leave me out either. Tomorrow I’ll show you April with all of […]

Hiding Selfies!

Hiding selfie

Caturday chilling

Chilling out!

Dear furiends, Today I was sad to say goodbye to mum’s mum so I’ve spent the rest of today chilling. I have a pawesome Caturday Connections for you next week. Happy Caturday evfurryone. Bisous, Bailey

Puppy training is exhausting!

Bailey in the Office

Furiends I’m trying really hard to train April to be a polite young crew member, but it’s really exhausting. She has boundless energy and she loves to push my patience. I stand my ground with her and hiss or bop her on the head when she gets excitable. The humans have installed baby-gates so April […]


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