Mum’s mum is here!

Mum's mum and me!

Furiends I’m so happy today because mum’s mum arrived! She’s brought us all lots of goodies from England and I’m delighted! We’ve not had any time to take new photos yet but here’s one from a couple of years ago! Ruth is staying for the whole weekend and we have lots of fun things planned. […]

Are you sitting comfortably?


It’s freezing outside!

Chilling in the cat tree

Furiends the temperature has dropped here this week and it’s now -1 degree Celsius! So I’ve been keeping warm and snuggled up inside. My cat tree has two purrfect cubby holes but I still really miss the cubby holes on Nocturne… they’re the best! I hope you’re all keeping warm too! Bisous, Bailey

Snuggly Selfie!


Caturday post!

Brain games for cats

Today has been a very exciting day furiends! This morning I got some post! The lovely humans at Firefly Books have sent me a book to review… Claire Arrowsmith’s Brain Games for Cats! I’m really looking forward to reading it because mum has already got Brain Games for Dogs by Claire for the puppies and […]

Happy weekend furiends!

Trick or treat?

Today the humans saw a furiend who was visiting Milan for the day and they had a lovely lunch and dinner together. I really wish I could share a meal with all of you! I wish you all a PAWESOME weekend! Bisous, Bailey

Happy Thanksgiving Furiends!

Feeling lucky!

Dear furiends, To all of you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you’re having a PAWESOME day with your loved ones! To all of the rest of you, I also hope you’re having a PAWESOME day! I’m very thankful for my family, you, my lovely furiends and my boats. I’m a very lucky boat cat! Don’t eat […]

Constant rain!


We’ve had constant rain here for the past two days! As you know I usually love to go outside with the humans and the puppies but even I haven’t wanted to venture outside! April and Blue have only been allowed outside under supervision (So they don’t end up looking like muddy monsters again!) and their […]


Detox diet

My humans have decided to do a detox this week and I’ve had lots of fun sniffing all of the fruits and veggies that they brought home today! Our kitchen looks like a farmers market! The human’s diet this week looks a lot like the lobsters, which is mainly based on plants, nuts and seeds. […]

A muddy Caturday!


Furiends, I’m sorry, I haven’t had time to do a Caturday Connections interview today, because I was dealing with two muddy monsters! I hope you understand… Both April and Blue LOVE getting muddy! They also made the kitchen really muddy… Before passing out to dream about mud! Mum and I have spent all afternoon cleaning […]