Caturday family catch ups!

Happy Caturday!

Today we’ve spent all of Caturday catching up with Joe and Donna. I’ve not seen them for over three years when they came to visit mum and I, when we still lived in Nice. April’s never met them, obviously, so we’ve had great fun today! I hope you’re all having a very Happy Caturday! Bisous, […]

Mum’s home!

Fun with pet lobster

We’re all back together this evening because mum has come home from the U.K. She also brought her brother and sister-in-law (Joe and Donna) back too. We’re all going to have a pawesome weekend and I’m very excited! I’d also like to give a huge shout out to say thank you again to Darcy and […]

Digger is settling in!

Digger and Polly

Mum’s humans have all had a lovely day at the wedding of the gorgeous couple Mr and Mrs Harris! Congratulations to them both! Meanwhile, April’s brother, Digger, is settling into his new home. Polly thinks that he’s her puppy and she’s growling at the other two German Shepherds, Ria and Blossom, if they go anywhere […]

Can I show you the ropes?

Can I show you the ropes?

A busy week!

Darcy and me

We’re all busy this week. Tomorrow mum is flying home to the U.K for a wedding on Thursday. She’s going to see April’s brother, Digger, who’s now settling into his new home! She will fly back again on Friday and her brother Joe, and his wife Donna, are coming back with her. Since dad is […]

Silent selfies


Caturday Connections- Digger

Courtesy of Shirley Sweetlove

This week I have the purrleasure to introduce you all to April’s brother, Digger, who will be joining my cousins in Cornwall on Monday! Welcome Digger! So tell everyone a little bit about yourself Digger! My pedigree name is Zeabo Xpert Digger but I go by the name Digger mostly. I’m a Border Collie and […]

April has a sore paw!

Paws up

April LOVES to dig! Today she got into the bushes and before the humans and I could get her out, she dug herself into a pickle! She hurt her paw. When she came out, her white fur was all covered in blood and we were all really worried. She wasn’t though… she ran through all […]

Finally found my video camera!


Furiends as you know we moved 4 months ago in April… Since then, I’ve not been able to find my video camera. I wondered if I’d left it on Nocturne, but we’ve been back several times over the last few months and I’ve not been able to find it anywhere! I didn’t like to point […]

Dreaming of Dinghy Devils!

Dreaming of Dinghy Devils

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