Helping with the washing!

I’ve had a very busy day today… I’ve been helping with the washing. The humans aren’t very appreciative and I don’t know why… They are such funny creatures at times! I love being on the clothes horse, it’s a great way to practise my balance ready for the boat soon! Bisous, Bailey

Washing weekend!

Hi furiends! Happy Caturday! It’s still all systems go here on Nocturne. I don’t know how they manage it but the humans had a mountain of washing to do so we’ve done several trips to the marina facilities today. I’ve never been up there before and since I live here now I thought I’d better […]

Wet washing

One of the chores on the boat for the humans is definitely the washing. I wash myself, it’s both quick and efficient. I actually find it quite relaxing to sort out my fur-style. The poor fur-less humans, however, have to use a machine to wash their replacement fur. They take it up to the marina […]