Poorly Paw

I’m off to the vet this evening because I have a poorly paw. There’s a little cyst appeared by my dew claw that’s been niggling me over the weekend. I’m sure it’s fine, but the humans are insisting they’ve seen me licking it lots so we have to go and get it checked out. I’m […]

Victorious after my vaccinations !

I’ve just got back from the vet. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m vaccinated against any nasty bugs that might try to attack me. There were a couple of dogs that were smaller than me! They were even pretty scared of me! I quite liked looking at all the posters […]

Postcard persuasion.

Today I received a postcard! I was really excited… … until I saw that it was from the vet telling me it’s nearly time for my annual vaccinations. I tried to talk my way out of it. I’ve seen the humans say ‘ahhhh’ when they are getting checked over by a vet so I showed […]

Wild with rabies -the injection!

I’ve had my injection and it was quite eventful! The waiting room was nice I got to meet a lovely little cat that reminded me of my friend Zoey . She’s paralysed from the tummy down and her mum was telling me all about her and their life. She was so tiny and really very […]