Tunnel vision.

I’m missing sailing very much at the moment and can’t wait until we head off for another couple of weeks next month. I’m stuck in the flat while the humans go to work and since only boring cats get bored, I occupy myself with all my tiger toys! The trouble is, sometimes I can get […]

Smiley Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m having a lovely relaxing day watching the humans run errands and do some cleaning! Not much happening apart from that, but we are happy! I’m extra happy because we’re playing with cable ties, which are my toy of choice at the minute! Hope you all have a great weekend! Bisous Bailey

Duvet day

It’s a really grey and miserable day today and so once mum got back we decided to have a duvet day. Apparently for most humans, it means they snuggle up under the duvet and watch films and things. For me this means I stay on top, and play with the funny monster that lives beneath […]

Boys up to mischief!

I love having my dad here because I’m allowed to get away with anything! Today he invented a new game which is so much fun. Mum wasn’t so amused though because she’s been trying to teach me not to pull down the curtains…. Dad thought it was a great idea to hang up the blue […]

My mouse and I

My favourite thing in the world at the moment (apart from Nocturne of course) is my mouse. My gramps bought it for me a couple of months ago and I love it. Mousey and I spend ages playing together everyday. He is extra cool because he squeaks when he wriggles! Mousey and I are a […]

Turtles and toys!

Today has been a great day! My pet turtles came home. While the humans were in Florida and I was at cat camp Aunty Elizabeth and Uncle Juan looked after them for me. I missed them lots and was soo happy to see them. I helped mum clean the tank and arrange their rocks. I […]