Today April and Blue have been swimming! Properly swimming off the back of our motor boat on the lake! Some of you might remember that April is afraid of the water.. I told you all about it last year in April has a secret. BUT April is afraid of something even more than the water… […]

First swim of the year!

The humans are happy because mum’s dad John and brother Joe are visiting. So yesterday they took Nocturne out and enjoyed the sunshine. The boys decided it was nice enough to swim, so they dropped the hook and… Apparently it was fresh rather than cold, but mum didn’t believe them so she decided to stay […]

The epic rise of the ninja boat turtles!

This is the story of my pet ninja’s rise from rags to riches! Michael-Angelo is a red-eared slider and Milo is a yellow belly. The humans were inspired to get them after we saw a sea turtle one day out in Nocturne. We were on our way to Ponza and when we saw these cuties […]