April on the new boat with her new toys!

April has spent the day on the new boat with her new toys and I think you’ll agree it looks like she loves them! I think it’s so pawesome that the squeaky bouy says S.S.Canine! April loves the boat but even though these cool toys can float she’s still afraid of the water… I thought […]

We bought a new boat!

Last week I sent April off on a mission to find a nice boat for us to enjoy on Lake Maggiore. She found a motorboat that took her fancy! (?) It’s really quite shocking for a sailing family to have a motorboat, but after the young pup explained herself, I agree she’s chosen well and […]

Paw Patrol – April’s in training!

It’s very fun training April how to do a paw patrol. She’s a very attentive student which is good. Eight paws on deck is much better than four, of course, but once April is fully trained we will be able to take it in turns and maybe even do shifts. She’s obsessed with watching airplanes, […]

April’s a natural boat puppy!

Furiends, today we took April out for her first day sail. I’m so proud of my little sister, she was a natural! She loved it! She was fascinated by the water and the ripples that bounce off the boat. She was so well behaved and she was treated to lunch in the cockpit! Until she […]

Teaching April the ropes!

We’re having a whale of a time on Nocturne! I’m showing April the ropes! I’m teaching her how I have access to certain areas she doesn’t though… naturally! There’s a long way to go with April’s training but I’m proud of her so far! She’s going to be a pawesome boat dog! Bisous, Bailey