The humans have left me!

Well furiends I got spotted in the suitcase and the humans left me here when they left. They’ve safely arrived in Ireland and I’ve already had a great time here with Darcy and her humans. Together we managed to set off the house alarm! No nip was involved in the incident and everyone is laughing […]

Irish adventures!

Furiends last week the humans popped to Ireland for dad’s birthday. They went to visit his family up in Donegal and also spent a day in Dublin. While they were wandering along the pier at Dún Laoghaire they spotted this beautiful boat… She’s a Tayana 37 pilothouse! Mum loves Noccy but until recently had never […]

Home from cat camp!

I’ve just got home from cat camp! I’m soo happy to have my humans back! Dad came with mum to pick me up, which meant I was allowed to poke my head out of my travel case on the way home! It was nice for him to see cat camp, because usually it’s mum that […]

Solis Lough Eske Castle

Wow! I got some pawesome photos from the humans today! They are having a great time in Ireland. Dad’s sister treated them to a night in Solis Lough Eske Castle. Dad used to play there when he was growing up and it was derelict. But since then, its been restored to its former glory and […]

Salty Stanchions

Hi everyone from cat camp! I’m having a pawesome time here, I love being allowed outside into the jungle. I caught a fly yesterday, so my stalking abilities are improving! Hopefully this means I’ll be able to progress to catching fish this summer. The humans are on their way to Ireland today and they’ve promised […]

Off to cat camp I go!

I’m off to cat camp! I’m actually quite excited about going this time because apparently there’s a Siamese cousin of mine already there! I’m hoping we can be furiends. Plus, the nice lady has a pawesome jungle that I’m allowed to explore. It’s enclosed in a huge net thingy which I try to escape from, […]

Happy St Patrick’s day!

Happy St Patrick’s day from your favourite Irish boat! Dad has been educating mum all about Saint Patrick’s day because he’s originally Irish, even though grew up in Australia. I’ve been paying attention too because it’s super cool and I love Paddy’s day! My beloved Nocturne is Irish after all! (Photo credit: Saint Patrick […]