Determined to realise our dreams!

It’s so nice to have a lazy Sunday! The humans have both been at work and so I’ve had to nap for all three of us! It’s tough but someone has to do it! I’m up now and starting to look through the thousands (yep mum gets carried away!) of photos from our holiday and […]

Paws in Ponza!

I’m having a sleepy Sunday dreaming of the summer when we are hoping to head back to Ponza and Palmorola two magnificent islands off the coast of Italy. We had the best time last year, this was taken as we left the marina. The humans did lots of snorkelling. And BBQ’s and bonfires on the […]

Sunshine seeker

Dad and mum’s mum have left today. So it’s just mum, the turtles and I left in the flat. We are missing them lots already. But we’re busy setting up the new turtle tank and wistfully dreaming of the summer. It’s been winter too long now in my whiskery opinion. I want to be out […]