Happy Halloween Furiends!

I hope you’re all enjoying a spooktastic Halloween furiends! If you feel like a scary Count Catula giggle, you can enjoy this video again! Bisous from your white fanged furiend, Bailey

Happy Halloween from Count Catula!

Happy Halloween furiends! I hope you’re all having a spook-tastic day! Today I’m not Bailey… I’m the very scary Count Catula! Who has ghosts and ghouls to dispose of! I’m also very excited because it’s Film on Friday! I really hope you enjoy my spooky film! I hope you all stay safe and don’t get […]

Happy Halloween 2013!

BOOOOOO! It’s Halloween and I’m feeling devilish! I thought I’d do some tricking and tell the turtles they had to make me laugh or I’d eat them… Michael-Angelo looked rather uninspired so I turned to Milo… He didn’t do anything funny either, so I told them I was going to decide on the best way […]