Caturday Catnip Confession!

Furiends I have a confession to make… I’ve been up to mischief all week and I didn’t have a chance to interview anyone for Caturday Connections… then there’s the other more serious confession of what I did last night… Dad left a plastic bag of nip on the worktop side and I couldn’t resist. I […]

Caturday Catnip!

Furiends Caturday is the purrfect day to indulge in a little catnip. The humans have both been out today so I’ve been enjoying myself. I’m very happy in the zone now! Remember catnip, rum, beer, wine (or whatever vice you choose) should be enjoyed responsibly! Bisous, Bailey

Catnip crash!

The humans will be home any minute and I’m suffering from a catnip crash! I need to find the energy to get up and hide the evidence of my partying. The race is on… I’m looking forward to sniffing my way through the humans bags and seeing Sharkie and Blue! I hope you all have […]