Sophisticated on Sunday!

Win a copy of my book!

Furiends! A week today my book is going to be launched! I’m so very excited and in celebration I’ve got five copies that you can all be in with a chance of winning. There are several ways to enter. You can easily join in by clicking on the rafflecopter below and following the simple steps. […]

Mouse and I have been celebrating!

I’m so grateful to all of you for your overwhelming support and kind messages. I knew I had pawesome furiends but you have really made my week! Mouse and I have been celebrating today! It’s going to feel like furever until we see the book properly in April but we have lots of fun things […]

Learning to love the lap pat!

Happy Caturday everyone! I’m learning to love sitting on the humans laps because it means they pat me lots! I like cuddles but I really love pats! The harder the better! If you didn’t know I loved it so much you might look at my humans and think they were cruel patting my back and […]

Birds flying low, expect rain and a blow.

It’s depends on your point of view…

Mum calls this naughty… I call it helping! What do you think? Bisous Bailey

Fish markets!

Mum left for Rome last night for a flying visit. She’s coming back tomorrow. The humans have been to the markets in Rome today and seen lots of yummy things. I want to go next time because apparently there’s lots of fish! It makes me hungry just looking at them all! They look delicious! I […]

Furry fishing!

Suitcase security

My mum’s mum arrived last night and I’ve been busy investigating, and doing some thorough security checks, to make sure that her suitcase complies with my strict rules of the flat. I found these so she was permitted entry… Anyone that brings treats is granted a visa to my world straight away! Today they went […]

Box Love

I have claimed a lovely little box as my own. I was exploring in the wardrobe that had been left open and I came across it. So I figured finders keepers… Mum lifted my box out and put it on the bed, I think she thought I’d get out. She was wrong. It’s soo comfy […]