Winter wonderland!

We’ve still got lots of snow here so much that the humans made a small snowman! Blue was very wary of the snowman and was barking at him to go away! We took a funny video of the puppies playing in the snow which I will share on my Facebook page. I wasn’t a big […]

Relaxing in my Cat Tree!

Housewarming presents!

I’m very lucky to have received two pawesome housewarming presents! The humans ordered me a cat tree online and it arrived today! It’s tall enough for me to climb and look down on evfurryone! I absolutely love it! It’s great fun jumping on and off it! I’ve really missed climbing all over the boat and […]

Goodbye dear cat tree.

I’m very sad to to report that I said goodbye to my cat tree this afternoon. For those of you who have one I’m sure you can understand how traumatic it was to watch it be carried out of the door…I mean, I literally spent half of my life in the flat lounging on the […]

On the first day of Christmas…

Hooray it’s December! It’s truly winter here now and all the mountains have a lovely dusting of snow on them. They look so pretty under the sun. I however didn’t look so great today…. On the first day of Christmas my human gave to me….. A jum-per to wear on my treeeee! Has your mum […]

Cat camp.

My humans are going on holiday and they’re not taking me! My mum and dad are leaving for the U S of A tomorrow and they said it’s too far for me to go just for two weeks… So I’m going to cat camp! Apparently it’s kinda like a hotel with lots of fun obstacle […]