Box heaven reloaded!

Remember when I first moved onto the boat the humans got me some boxes so we could stay organised…. You can read about it here. Well we’ve been busy measuring and decided we should organise all the other areas of the boat…Just look at what they brought home today!!! I’m truly in box heaven now… […]

Box heaven!

The humans are in the good books today! They’ve bought me lots of new boxes! Since space on the boat is limited, organisation is the key to an easy life! They’ve got boxes of all shapes and sizes to be burrowed away in lots of different places. Another great thing about these boxes means whatever […]

Internet withdrawal symptoms.

We’ve been cut off! We knew this was going to happen because we are changing service providers, so we currently have no phone line or Internet connection. The old box is not happy… It’s flashing nasty messages about us not having an account. Our new box has arrived today though. We’re reliably informed that the […]