Trying to keep a secret…

Today I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my mum’s grandad! He and grandma are known as The Gramps and they are the most pawesome humans ever! We were lucky to speak to them this morning and were very happy that they both loved our birthday present. I’m also very excited because part […]

Turtle tank extraordinaire!

Oh my cat I’m sooo excited! My mum’s birthday is in March but since her mum is here, she and mum’s dad have given her her birthday present early! It’s kind of my present too even though my birthday’s not until July… It’s an aqua-terrarium!!! I’ve been checking it out and let me tell you […]

Box Love

I have claimed a lovely little box as my own. I was exploring in the wardrobe that had been left open and I came across it. So I figured finders keepers… Mum lifted my box out and put it on the bed, I think she thought I’d get out. She was wrong. It’s soo comfy […]