Nocturne’s sinking… really slowly!

Don’t panic furiends, I just wanted to get your heart rate up today! Nocturne is technically letting water in and so very technically she might sink if we didn’t do anything about it! We’re not going to let it get anywhere near a concern though, so don’t worry. What on earth is happening? I hear […]

Working hard in the boat yard!

Well for a short time today furiends we could see daylight through a hole in the boat! The humans have been servicing the seacocks. The seacocks are valves that allow water to flow into and out of the boat. For example water comes in to cool the engine and for a salt water faucet and […]

Rotten traveler!

Varnishing the boat is a huge job and is a work in progress at the moment. As you can see in the sneak preview below, the trim has been done and now it really shows up how in need the rest of the wood is for a bit of TLC. As often happens on the […]

Purrfect preparation

My dad is a busy bee at the moment preparing my beautiful Nocturne for our holiday. She’s having some TLC and a makeover. Dad gave her a sand down with 80 grit paper. Then she had a couple of little blemishes filled in. It’s quite a big job to do but it’s worth it because […]