Sharkie and Blue are enjoying Phu Quoc!

Furiends I’ve heard from Sharkie and Blue and it sounds like they’re having a blast in Phu Quoc. They took an hour flight, very early this morning, to the beautiful island and they’re loving it. They are staying for two nights before returning to Ho Chi Minh to get their flight to Dubai. They’ve already […]

Sharkie and Blue swam home!

Furiends today has been very exciting! Sharkie and Blue arrived home! My brofur and sisfurs over at The Cat on my Head very kindly had them to stay and they had some PAWESOME adventures while they were there! You can read all about their many adventures below: They were welcomed with open paws here: We […]

Flashback Friday!

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d have a little Friday Flashback…. I was only just 10 months old when I adopted my humans, Within the month I had my passport and was ready to start my adventures. I fell in love with Nocturne immediately and my dream to sail the oceans was born. I’ve changed […]

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