April is in season and I really wish I was on the boat!

We’ve all been very busy here, and it has been a bit of a mad house because April has come into season. Since we don’t want her to have any puppies, especially not with her brother Blue, we’ve had to separate them. They have been barking and whimpering to each other from different floors of the house and it’s not fun listening to them!


I miss the tranquility of my boat! Thank goodness this is the only time we will have to experience this because they will be ‘fixed’ in a few months. Blue couldn’t be done before because of his legs and he can be quite timid at times so it’s best to leave him with some testosterone. We know there are arguments for and against spaying a female and when but the general consensus seems to be to let them have at least a season first. Dad had the right idea disappearing to the other side of the world for these three weeks!

I hope you’re having a more peaceful week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Yes, your dad was really smart! Good luck to you and your mom. You’ll need it!

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  2. Lucky dad, MOL!
    Purrs things settle down soon.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

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  3. Good idea! Dad is right, and you go on your highest perch on your climbing house! Montyxx

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  4. Are you sure your male human didn’t time it this way on purpose? In my human’s family, pets have always been spayed and neutered right away, season or not. Binga came from the shelter spayed (shelter rules) at 8 weeks.

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  5. Oh Bailey my friend, I truly do feel for you. It will be over soon!

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  6. Good luck with this chaos, Bailey! Paws are crossed, it will be over soon… =^.^=

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  7. mitzithedog says:

    Not really necessary to let a female have a season. I assume she is wearing dog pants to keep the place clean. It does take 3 weeks to get through this. It is good to get rid of the parts you do not use. Dogs can get ovarian cancer. cervical cancer, etc. just like humans so if the parts are not there you don’t have that to worry about

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  8. Hi, dear Bailey!

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