A winter’s day on the lake!

The humans and the puppies went off to spend the afternoon on the lake and I took the time to keep warm and nap! The mountains look so beautiful in the sunlight but it’s still very cold here!


The puppies looked after the humans and mum’s mum had a pawesome time!


Dad also had fun under April’s supervision!


Everyone had a blast and the best bit was when the puppies came home they were worn out and I got some peace and quiet!


I hope you all have a PAWESOME weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Diane sargent says:

    Wow, those ” puppies. “are getting HUGE……!!!!!


  2. coloradohi says:

    You have such a “fun” family, Bailey! I bet you enjoyed your peace and quiet for the day!


  3. Fab pics glad everyone had a wonderful day, and you had a peaceful rest! Montyx


  4. What a pretty way to spend the day. Hope you guys bundled up!


  5. It sounds like a fun outing for everyone – especially you, Bailey, because you got some peace and quiet!


  6. I’m surprised you didn’t mind missing a day on the boat. You must really need some you time


  7. Beautiful spot but dear fellow, but we hope you get to go on the next cruise! Pat


  8. It looked pretty cold out on the lake, I think I rather nap in a nice cozy place!


  9. The pups are growing fast. It won’t be long until they become full-grown lap dogs. 🙂


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