Crazy Caturday with puppies!

Furiends, today has been a crazy Caturday! Two puppies running around the house is… entertaining!

They’re getting up to lots of mischief and they’re trying to decide between them who’s boss. They don’t realise it doesn’t matter which one of them wins their silly dominance games because I’m the boss of the whole family!


Blue is a big cuddle bug! He can’t get enough! He helped mum while she was working today.


April is loving having him to play with, although she needs to learn to share her toys. Blue is a lot more respectful of me than April is, so I’m a big fan already. For the second day in, I’m very proud of them both.

Happy Caturday

Happy Caturday Evfurryone!

Bisous, Baiely


  1. I think Blue iis just wonderful! He is a sweetheart. I think he loves his big brother, and maybe you can teach him to be more like a cat, I mean he could groom himself like a cat, play with mousies, but with his wonky feet maybe he shouldn’t try to climb like a cat. Still I predict you guys are going to be great pals!


  2. Mee-you Bailey you have 2 doggiess…that iss so berry KEWL!!!
    Mee wishess mee could have a doggie butt LadyMum could not manage 2 of us…..
    Conkatss on Blue comin to live with youss’.
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  3. Everybody’s cooperating with your program, Bailey! How’s Dad’s foot?


  4. coloradohi says:

    We are so happy Blue joined your family….what a sweetheart he appears to be. He and April are so cute as they play. You have some wonderful playmates to supervise….Nikkei, Mikey, and Grayson sending you lotsa love.


  5. mitzithedog says:

    April must have shared your training that you gave her. You certainly know how to keep things ship shape


  6. Jill Clark says:

    Have a great weekend.I always knew you would remain the boss of the house but be careful to avoid the possession of toys tassels. You could get hurt by accident.


  7. The Feline Contingent says:

    Oh my toes! They didn’t try to herd you, did they? If they do, give them yout #Meezertude and a good thump on the snoot!

    Lilith, Rosco, Tina, & Lucky
    The Feline Contingent


  8. you have a beautiful, beautiful furmily Bailey!! xoxo


  9. We can see the shenanigans with that pair!
    Blue does look like a calm sweetie with your mum.
    Better watch out, he may be trying to be besties with your mum 😮
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  10. You are all such cuties.


  11. So happy for all! You still are and always be boss! Montyx


  12. mistletoeandhitch says:

    Our HuMom has decided at her advanced age to always get a pair when bringing baby animals in to the home. She has come to believe that a pair growing and learning together help avoid the emotional tide of human attention. Pets have to be left alone while human’s go to work, school and other obligations. With a pair there is still someone there to snuggle, play or get into mischief with. When there’s only one the pet is either being overwhelmed with attention by every human in the family or alone while the family is our. She really feels a pair helps avoid emotional problems for the pet. One of the dog’s here before us would scratch at the front door to the house, or his crate, until his paws actually bled. He was literally desperate to follow the humans, whereever they might have gone. Once our human moved back to the family home with her pup, our panicked digger stopped digging at the front door, although he still hated the crate at dug to escape it he wasn’t confined because the door scratching had stopped. We hope April and Blue will be the same loving support for each other and help keep each other from acting out.


  13. How awesome that you and Blue are already getting along, Bailey!


  14. I’m so happy that the three of you are fast becoming good friends!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy


  15. The Swiss Cats says:

    What a beautiful furry family ! We are glad you are already getting along with Blue ! Purrs


  16. Sounds like a great start, Bailey, and you can oversee the pups while they entertain each other!! Pat So, April will be First Mate. What will Blue be?


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