Busy studying!

I like to think I’m a very supportive crew member. As most of you know, my mum is studying for her master’s degree at the moment. Last week she submitted a portfolio for a module so this week is a reading week for the next module.

So I’ve been helping…Reading

Helping with reading

She’s so ungrateful and says I’m not very helpful!

Humans! Never satisfied!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Bailey I know what you mean, I often lay on dad’s paperwork, simply to keep it in place for him. Does he appreciate my efforts? No he just says, c’mon buddy, move!”

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  2. You are so helpful.

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  3. My cats were “helpful” like that when I was studying too! I admit that I wasn’t very appreciative either.

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  4. Bailey, We can see why many ships’ captains had a cat nearby to help with their end-of-the-day paperwork!! Great job, buddy! Pat

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  5. Pauline williams says:

    Bailey you are soooo special and I’m sure that your mum thinks so too. I love your daily posts😋💕💕

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  6. Good luck to your mom, formal education is very difficult, give her lots of love and kisses Bailey! Montyx

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  7. best of luck to your brilliant Mama!!! I am sure she greatly appreciates your help!

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  8. Bailey, I don’t get what’s wrong with humans either! So ungrateful.

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  9. You are being very helpful and with you there with herit will be less stressful for her

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  10. mitzithedog says:

    You are just holding the pages open for her> I can see that. It looks like you fell asleep reading it too. I don’t see those blue eyes

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  11. Well, Bailey—when she gets purrfect grade on her test, she’ll remember to thank you!

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