Hanging out!

Dear furiends,

I don’t have much planned this weekend, except hanging out!

Hanging out!

What do you have planned?

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Nothing that involves a boat – at least not this weekend!


  2. mitzithedog says:

    My human went to visit a friend at the shore for one day and when she gets back I am having her take me on a nursing home visit on Sunday. I guess it’s only fair she gets to do something with her kind once in a while


  3. We’re trying to stay cool, Bailey. It’s really hot here!


  4. Have a great weekend hanging out! Montyx


  5. You really ARE HANGING out, B. Literally. I will be hanging out indoors because of a crazy heatwave.

    Love and licks,


  6. Dear Bailey, What a good balancing act! Hang on, buddy! Pat



  7. Mom’s got cleaning but the rest of us are just going to copy you, Bailey, and hang out!!


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