Caturday Connections – Toby the star of YouTube!

For this week’s Caturday Connections I have the purrleasure to welcome a viral YouTube sensation, a little guy with a huge purrsonality, the one and only….Toby the pug!


Welcome Toby! Tell us a little bit about yourself…..who do you live with? Do you like them?

I was born in Portsmouth in February 2007, and my mum chose me over a web cam because I lived so far away, and she couldn’t easily visit. I live with my sister, Betsy, who is also a pug, and three cats, Charlie, Harry and Millie, and of course my mums. Harry loves me, and he’s my buddy, but Millie and Charlie, not so much. I love Betsy lots, she keeps me company and we like to cuddle up together. Sometimes she’s a bit much, irritates me and wants to climb all over me, but I’m trying to teach her to be a bit more mature. I love the peaceful life these days, I just wish Betsy would realise that! She is only three, so I’ll make allowances. I tend to stay away from the cats as they’re a little bit easy to scratch, and I can’t see them so well these days.

I have allergies which means I’ve lost my eyesight, but I’m used to it. I know my home really well, so can find my way around no problem at all. I love food and I love walking. My two favourite things. And I love having my back scratched on the bit I can’t reach. My favourite food is sausages (although I’m not allowed these now, I’ve been on a diet for two years and almost at my goal weight!) I also love chicken and ham and bananas.

Do you like meeting new furiends?

I prefer the human friends these days. I get a little worried when meeting other dogs, because I can’t see them, so can be taken by surprise. But I’m friendly enough, and happy to have a sniff when out on my walk. I was a bit antisocial when my mums first brought Betsy home. I was NOT happy to be sharing my bed. Took me about 6 months to get used to her. Now we are best friends.

Toby Betsy and Harry

Your YouTube videos have gone viral, what’s the best thing about being famous.

I was as shocked as my mum when the videos went viral. She only posted them online to show her friends who lived long distance. To be fair, I’m not really doing anything in them. Harry’s the star of the show, without him there would have been no video. He was massaging my back, like he used to do all the time. I just love it so much, so I was laying there having a nice old time and snoring away, and mum recorded it. The next thing we know, people in America, Canada, Australia and Japan are going mad over it. The best thing about it was the amount of times we’ve been on TV since. We had a film crew from Canada come and spend the day with us a couple of years ago and made a tv programme about us. It’s called “My Pet’s Gone Viral”. It was such a fun day, and me and Harry got lots of attention. We’ve also been on Rude Tube and Rudish Tube, with more visits from film crews, and I’m sure my mum is enjoying the stardom too. She gets random text messages from her friends saying “I just switched on the TV and you’re on again”. They keep repeating it.

Now you’ve got a part in the film, The Secret Life of Pets – Congratulations! What was that like?

Well we didn’t get a part in the film. They’ve used our video clip in the advertising campaign around the film. So I didn’t have to do anything extra, just sit back and enjoy the fame! We haven’t seen the campaign yet, should be around September time before they will send us the link to the clip, but it’s really exciting to be a part of it all, and I know my mums are excited about seeing the campaign. Having the video go viral has opened up all sorts of opportunities, and helps keep me in food too!

Toby and Betsy

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Well there are so many, it’s difficult to choose. But I think up there was the day I pulled the bin over and ate a whole bag of out of date raisins that mum had thrown away. What I didn’t know at the time was that raisins are highly toxic to dogs, and as I’d also encouraged Betsy into my crime, both of us were rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. It wasn’t pretty, I can tell you, so I’ll spare the gory details, and my mums had a £2,000 vet bill for the both of us, and a very sleepless night worrying about us. Most of my naughty escapades involved eating food I shouldn’t and being sick afterwards, but hey, that’s part of the delights of being a Pug!

Cute Toby and Betsy

What do you think your next big adventure in life will be?

Well I’m getting quite old now, so I’ve slowed down quite a bit. I really just like sleeping and going on my walks. But I’m always up for a new documentary maker to visit, or another channel 4 interview. I am looking forward to hanging out with my mum more when she starts decorating her new business premises. I’m quite good at being where I shouldn’t be and getting paint all over me. She doesn’t realise I’m just trying to help.

Toby and Betsy outside

What’s the most impawtant piece of advice you would give to a young puppy?

Well apart from “don’t eat raisins”, I would say, just take everything in your stride and enjoy life. And April, remember your mum’s got your best interests at heart, so if she says “no” to giving you a naughty treat, just accept that she’s looking after your waistline and your joints! And try not to go overboard with the “puppydog” eyes!

Do you have a website or a social media channel?

I do have a YouTube channel, where you can see several videos, not just the viral ones. I understand mum’s going to be posting some new ones shortly.


Wow! Thank you so much for telling us all about your interesting life Toby and thank you to your humans for the PAWESOME photos! I’ll make sure to pass your advice onto April, Thank you!

Happy Caturday Evfurryone!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Peggy Lacey Craig says:

    Thanks, Bailey –

    Our son would have loved that…


    ♥ Peggy


  2. I loved meeting Toby and his family!


  3. pilch92 says:

    Such cuties, nice to meet them.


  4. What a great interview! Thanks for letting us learn more about Toby.


  5. Good job, B. Toby is a fun guy. Mom showed me some videos from his YouTube channel. Cool.

    Love and licks,


  6. Hello Toby! You are such darling!!


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