April’s making furiends on the lake!

Today April’s been making new furiends on the lake. She met and shared some food with a group of 24 swans!

April and swans

To begin with she was quite shy and the swans were hissing at her but, once everybody had some food, they were all quite intrigued by each other.

April with the swans

I’ve not gone out on the new boat yet, but I’d quite like to see the swans too, so maybe I’ll go soon. It’s so hot at the moment that I prefer to sleep in the taverna, in the house, where it’s coolest during the day. Perhaps I’ll instruct the humans to take me out of an evening and then I can enjoy a nice breeze instead of the burning heat of the day.


I hope you all have a pawesome weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Yes Bailey, We agree completely, We are spending our days in the front sunroom which is air conditioned, We can see the birds and squirrels, with having to endure the heat of our screened catio. My sister Talley went out there this morning, through the cat door, and came back inside in just a few minutes. She likes to check the little goldfish fountain out there for any of the little green frogs that she likes to chase, but as much fun as that is she said it was just too hot!

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  2. Glad you are staying put in a cool place. Better than getting toooooooo hot, always another time to be on the new boat on the lake! Montyx

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  3. What a cool sight! No wonder April was fascinated.

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  4. Those swans are very pretty. But they can be really mean sometimes.

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  5. Smart thinking Bailey….stay inside & stay cool. 95+ degrees & humid here in Connecticut.
    From Dewey, Duffy & Tammi

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  6. The swans are beautiful! I think you will love hanging out with them, B.

    Love and licks,

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  7. msphoebecat says:

    We envy you and April’s adventures on the water Bailey. Those swans are lovely! I hope they are there the next time you go out so you can enjoy them too. You are smart to stay in from the heat however, no sense in roasting.

    -Clove & Kaspars

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  8. Wow 24 swans! Now that is one heck of a bunch!

    Harvey, Miranda and Marjorie
    from Dash Kitten

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  9. Good for adventurous April! Although I’d be in the taverna on the nice cool floor too if it’s super hot – it’s hot here too Bailey so I stay INSIDE. I’ve never seen that many swans together before – magnificent!

    Hugs, sammy

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  10. We’re in the Midwest and definitely not straying far from the AC! We hope your humans will take you out to see the beautiful swans when the temperatures are cooler.

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  11. Dear April, the picture of you watching the swans is very reminiscent of your brofur watching Dinghy Devils, except that the Swans seem very happy and un-threatening! You are really getting your sealegs, dear girl! Pat


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  12. that is a lot of swans! wow how beautiful and nice of April to share her food with them.


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