Puppy training is exhausting!

Furiends I’m trying really hard to train April to be a polite young crew member, but it’s really exhausting. She has boundless energy and she loves to push my patience. I stand my ground with her and hiss or bop her on the head when she gets excitable. The humans have installed baby-gates so April is confined to the ground floor. I have the first floor and the taverna all to myself luckily and I’ve spent most of today resting in my office upstairs!

Bailey in the Office

Tomorrow I’ll get back to work with the training!

I hope you all have a pawesome weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Sounds to me like you are doing a great job with the puppy training Bailey! You’ll have her “ship-shape” before you know it. We were very sad about what happened in Nice last evening – we do hope that all your friends were safe though. Just heart-breaking…

    Love and Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


  2. You’re a very good brother to April, She will be a fine Sea Dog, with your training!


  3. Ah Bailey, you are a tough task master! Glad you can rest up between training sessions. Pat



  4. mitzithedog says:

    When I lived with a cat the cat had its own part of the house too. It kept my dog sister and brothers out of the cat food and litter boxes ( UCK!) and it gave the cat a quiet space. I was never a problem but the rest of the dogs would chase her.


  5. Training new recruits is not easy. You gotta teach them everything. 🙂


  6. Rest on my dear friend, puppies are high maintenance! Montyx


  7. Bailey!! Ohhhh I hear ya pal!!! All I can say is thank COD for baby gates!! We have them too! I have my own oasis with peace and quiet….AWAY from “Sheltie Boy!” Now, you really shouldn’t hiss at April since she is a baby and all. I only hissed at Dakota once when he first got here…but………you have TOTALLY FREE LICENSE WITH BOPPING!!!!!!! Hope you get some nice rest pal! Love, Cody


  8. Your office looks pretty sweet, B. Puppies are a lot of work. It sounds like you’re up for the job, though. Bopping and hissing are good strategies…

    Love and licks,


  9. You certainly have your work cut out ahead of you, Bailey! Puppy training sounds hard.


  10. cindy long says:

    You are doing very well and as she is still a puppy will have boundless energy but keep up the good work u will have her shipshape in no time


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