Well that was embarrassing!

As you saw yesterday furiends I got wet! Drenched actually!


Today I’ve been relaxing after my adventure. It was quite embarrassing really, I went on a run down the pontoon and tried to jump onto another boat. I say tried because it was an ambitious jump and I didn’t quite make it! I landed unceremoniously in the water! I swam quite quickly down the pontoon and the humans jumped onto another boat and fished me out by my scruff. I’m so glad April didn’t see it!

April asleep

She was asleep inside the boat. She’s not been swimming yet but the humans said that she will try it soon. I’m looking forward to watching that! She loves her antler chew and the humans gave her a pet crocodile because they think she might be part crocodile, she bites anything and everything she can at the moment. That’s why I stay well away from her when she’s awake!

I’m trying to shed all of my excess fur because it’s so hot. Mum said we could make another cat with everything I’ve shed so far! I’ve lost quite a bit of weight too, but I worried mum like that a few years ago and the vet said it was normal in the heat. So this time she’s calm, monitoring me and feeding me more wet food to tempt me to eat more. It’s pawesome!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. If you like wet food, you now know to keep on a slim-diet 😉


  2. But you DID get in your swimming practice. Good job, Bailey! Can’t wait to see April’s water skills. If she IS a crocodile, they should be pretty good!! Pat



  3. Don’t be embarrassed Bailey. We think it is pawsome that you attempted a big jump!
    Glad it worked out 🙂
    Smart of you to stay away from April while she goes through her biting phase 😉
    Enjoy your wet food!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  4. You just about made it! Glad you can swim! Well done!Enjoy your food, I am siamese, and worry my mom alot, when I get tooooo skinny! Monty xxx


  5. mitzithedog says:

    Getting more wet food is GREAT! I, however, don’t seem to loose weight not matter the temperature.


  6. Stay away from those teeth, Bailey! Glad you are okay after your impromptu swim…and we promise not to tell anyone…shhhh!


  7. Gotta watch those high flying ambitions, Bailey. I’m sure glad you are OK and that you humans were nearby to assist you out of the water. But it does make an excellent story to tell. Take care in the heat!


  8. Yes, Sometimes we do attempt jumps that are a little ambitious. Last Christmas I was lounging on top of the China Cabinet on Christmas Morning. Dad had set the table for everyone to have breakfast and I watched him from up there. When he brought a platter of ham to the table, I waited for him to go back to the kitchen to get the Breakfast Casserole and then I thought I might have just a tiny taste of the ham. I misjudged the distance and would have fallen to the floor if I hadn’t managed to hook my claws into the table cloth. Can you believe that the table cloth and all of the dishes came off of the table. I was almost hit by falling china. I ran as fast as I could and dad came after me. I thought he might be upset with me but he said, Pete, buddy, are you okay?
    My dad loves me a lot. surprisingly only a couple of plates broke and the ham stayed on the table.
    So yes, I can see how you wound up in the water!


  9. Thank goodness you are ok!!! As for Bailey, she might be teething (or losing puppy teeth!)…..tell Mom and Dad to ALWAYS keep your cat toys away from her, she could eat them! catchatwithcarenandcody


  10. I was wondering if your swim was on purpose or accident!!


  11. April sure does sleep a lot! I wonder what she’s resting up for….

    Love and licks,


  12. well one good thing came out of your dip in the sea….I bet it was quiet cool,xx Speedy


  13. It’s a good thing April missed that little escapade, Bailey! You don’t want her to think you do silly things like that.


  14. Well Bailey I’m just happy that you were alright after your little “whoopsie” trying to fly to another boat! I bet April will be a real swimmer too. I’m sure it is hot on board the ship when you’re just sitting in the marina with no breeze……STAY COOL (but not in the water!).

    Hugs, Sammy


  15. So glad your humans were nearby to fish you out of the water. Long jumpers even have off days, too! We’re wondering what April will think of the water (?)


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