April’s started her induction to crew life!

Furiends it’s very exciting here in our home! April has made all of us very happy. The humans said she was really well behaved in the car on the way home, she only whimpered a tiny little bit around some of the country lanes. As soon as they got onto the motorway she fell asleep, then she was here an hour and a half later. She had a big goodbye with her mum because she was the first puppy to leave. She will get to see her mum again next month though. (It’s top secret why at the moment, but I’ll tell you all very soon.)

When April and I first met she didn’t bark or misbehave, so I didn’t hiss. We had a quick sniff of each other and then we explored the garden together…

In the garden for the first time together

We had our dinner and then we all got an early night’s sleep. April cried for about 10 minutes, in her crate, and then she fell asleep. She was only up twice in the night for toilet breaks, so the humans were very happy with her.

Today she’s had lots of fun playing in the garden.

April in the garden

And I’ve been teaching her boundaries…

You can't catch me!

She’s learning really fast.

Hello April!

We’ve even been nose to nose, but I’m taking that slowly. I don’t want her to get carried away. I’m very proud of her and how well behaved she is. There’s lots of training to do, of course, but I think she’s the purrfect puppy!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Glad to hear things are going well so far!

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  2. You two are going to be SUCH good friends! She’s so cute……I’m sure she is going to be so much fun to play with once she gets used to you and you get used to her.
    Love, Sammy

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  3. I cannot begin to tell you how HAPPY I am for you!!!! It is brilliant that you brought Bailey and April into the garden together! I am SURE that Bailey is teaching April about who is boss!!! BOL!! That’s what Cody did with me!!!! Mom, Cody and I are certain that you are going to both be the BEST of furiends!!!! So happy for you! She is ADORABLE!!! DakotasDen

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  4. Well Bailey I can see it happening sooner or later you will be rounded up and put in your basket for keeps that little lady will be your boss.

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  5. Bailey you are such a good big brother, I know you will teach and train April to be a great puppy. Remember though, She just left her mom and she is probably a little sad about that, so be especially nice to her! I know you will make her feel welcome and loved!
    Purrs to you and the family, from all of us

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  6. Hi Bailey, I knw you are making April feel welcome and loved, just remember the whole world is new to her and she probably feels a little sad leaving her mommy, so be kind to her.
    Purrs from all of us
    Pete and the girls

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  7. mitzithedog says:

    You are a patient teacher Bailey. April is also a very good guest by not being to forward and excitable. Hope all works well with you two

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  8. So sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  9. aww, that is so nice to hear that you are both getting along so well so quickly. Were there kitties in her first home perhaps? Great photos of you both — you are doing great.

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  10. Nose to nose?? *gulp* I think you are both very brave.

    Love and licks,

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  11. You are very brave and April too, wishing you all the love in the world! Montyx

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  12. @ashleighsmeow says:

    You are going to have so much fun with her!

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  13. She sure is beautiful. Her face is amazing. Have fun!

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  14. So good to see that things are going well.
    You are smart to go slow.
    You want to make sure she knows that you are the boss 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  15. Bailey, be nice to your sister – she’s probably missing her family and she’ll need a day or two to get used to her new family!! Plenty of training time to come!! You guys will be snuggling together in no time!!!

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  16. A slow introduction …….all is well…..!

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  17. Looks like things are going well so far, Bailey.

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  18. April sounds like she is already a Very Good Girl!

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  19. Bailey, It all looks purrfect! I think you’ll be good buddies instantly! Pat


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