Busy in the boatyard!

The humans are on their way back to the lakes and me now! They’ve been busy taking care of Nocturne!

Nocturne in the boat yard

The blue boat beside Noccy was anti fouled this morning and looks great. Nocturne’s hull is looking good and once she’s been anti-fouled she’ll be purrfect again!

I love the yard because there’s always fun things going on. Today the humans saw a couple of boats being lifted out.

Boat on a crane

Mum caught a photo of dad taking a break… I didn’t authorise any breaks, so we’ll have to have a chat about that when they get home!

Break in the boatyard

Tomorrow is the big day, so I’m going to try an get an early night, so I’ve got lots of energy for tomorrow!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Jill Clark says:

    Have fun tomorrow!


  2. rest up, Bailey & have fun with your new addition to the family


  3. Good to see the boat looking so good Bailey. Is it tomorrow your new pup comes home?


  4. Good that Noccy is getting all spruced up!
    We are excited about the big day too!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  5. Is April coming tomorrow? Woo Hoo Let’s Celebrate!


  6. mitzithedog says:

    I notice you use an s instead of a z in words like authorize and realize. Is that a European thing or a cat thing? My neighbor has a Siamese and we told her about you. Hope you get another fan


  7. It sounds exciting, Bailey! You and April will be ready to re-launch Noccy when she’s seaworthy again!! Pat



  8. Too bad you couldn’t come along, Bailey!


  9. We’re curious what “anti fouled” means.

    Anxious to see you and April at introduction. You should indeed rest–big day coming up!


  10. Well guess where my humans are right now? At the boatyard! Mom painted the waterline yesterday and is doing the anti fouling today. She says Dad is an amazing supervisor. He is able to do that and mill about all at the same time! I always knew he was an exceptional man. He and are are soooo much alike! Enjoy the humans back home and your new sister. Gosh! Even I’m getting excited for you.


  11. Looks like the refit is going well.


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