Humans are terrible at yoga!

Well furiends I try to be supportive of everything my humans do, but sometimes it’s hard not to laugh at them. Like today when my human started doing some yoga after a really long break…she looked ridiculous!

Stretching in the sun

When she was stretching she looked like she was struggling. All felines do it effortlessly. She can touch her toes and for a human her flexibility isn’t too bad, but she makes it look so awkward!

Cat yoga

I tried to help her by walking over her in the moves that she was ruining, but I’m not sure she understood. Oh well she tries her best I guess! If she keeps at it maybe one day her balance will improve and she’ll be fearless like me on the boat.

Dive in.jpg

Wishing you all a PAWESOME weekend.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. ah yes, to be as flexible as you are would indeed be great. Enjoy the weekend.


  2. Trying to be as flexible as you or your mum would make me snap in two, Bailey!! Enjoy your weekend too. 😻


  3. Bailey, I think any human would be thrilled if they could do graceful, effortless stretches, like a cat. Hope your weekend if wonderful.


  4. Humans are hopeless at many of the practical moves – ever seen one able to lick underneath where the tail would stick out if they had tails?

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  5. pilch92 says:

    Give her a break, humans are not as bendy as kitties 🙂


  6. You must be patient with your humans Bailey they don’t have four legs like you so it must be difficult for them to do yoga.I cant even walk in a straight line.happy cataday to you and your humans xxx


  7. Humans are just built awkwardly, I’ve concluded.


  8. Bailey, Please remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day! Purrhaps you could give your mum a yoga demo. Pat


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