A few apologies!

Dear furiends I owe some of you a few apologies. I’m very sorry for not replying to several emails over the past week because I’ve been very busy looking after my poorly humans. They’ve been a little under the weather and oh my cat you wouldn’t believe the amount of whinging that’s been going on aboard Nocturne. I’m going to get back to you all ASAP… hopefully tomorrow!

Favourite spot

For now I’m off to hide from the humans!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Moving house is always stressful, no worries, Bailey!


  2. I hope they feel better soon.


  3. Sending purrs and prayers for your poor humans! Hope they are well soon!


  4. Hope they’re better now


  5. Stress always makes one sick! Hope all will be well soon!I had to see my vet, I have not wanted to eat, so now I have special food, part of the aging, I am 15! Monty x


  6. We hope your humans are feeling better soon (for your sake 😉


  7. hoping your humans feel better soon!! catchatwithcarenandcody


  8. I hope they feel better soon and start looking after you like they’re supposed to!!!!


  9. We hope your humans feel better soon, Bailey.


  10. Bailey, we know you’ll set the humans straight in record time! Pat


  11. Humans can be such wimps when they are sick!


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