Feeling Festive!

Happy 1st of December furiends!

I’m feeling festive because as I paw this the humans are putting up our Christmas decorations! It’s so exciting! We haven’t got a tree yet because mum insists on finding a ‘boat sized’ real one every year and we haven’t seen any yet, but we have got lights and tinsel and Mr Snowman! Hopefully this years tree will be as nice as last years… He survived until the end of April on the pontoon… Then he gave up the ghost in the sweltering heat!

Wrapped up warm

Have you got your decorations up yet?

Bisous, Bailey


  1. That was a nice tree. I am working on decorating, but the tree isn’t up yet.

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  2. not yet Bailey we’re a bit behind ,the tree is being delivered this week,xx Speedy

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  3. that tree is lovely!!!!! We don’t do Christmas because we are Jewish, but Mom loves seeing decorations on everyone’s blogs. She used to decorate on Christmas with her first husband who was Catholic and Mom loved it! We don’t really decorate for Chanukah because Mom thinks that Chanukah decorations are boring. MOL! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody


  4. That was a lovely tree! Have fun with all the great decorations! We will put some up soon! Christmas day is my mom and my birthday! I am going to be 15! Montyx


  5. Addycat loves getting into Christmas decorations. We have none yet due to the arrival of the new baby, things have been too chaotic!


  6. No decorations at my house yet because I don’t decorate till after December 12 which is my birthday. When I was growing up my mom always kept my birthday and Christmas separate and I have continued that tradition all of these years since.


  7. Always a fun time of the year, getting the decorations up for the holiday. I’m partially done. The outside lights are up because the weather was nice last weekend and I have some things done around the house. Your furiends Lily and Ella at my house were very interested in the goings on. Had to check out the pinecones and candles (faux of course so no one gets burnt). I’m trying to discourage anyone actually taking a bite out of the pinecones but Lily is determined. I plan to put the tree up this weekend. Have fun with all of it.


  8. What a cute Christmas tree – I hope your human finds one equally as nice this year!


  9. We can’t wait to see your tree!!


  10. We have not started yet.
    We purr your Mom finds the right tree soon 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  11. Very nice, Bailey! We’re in the process of putting up ours. Pat


  12. Nancy Davis says:

    That tree last year was so pretty and just right size…you looked very festive yourself.


  13. Real trees smell so nice. I know why your mum wants a real tree 🙂


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