Hide and seek!

Friends im in trouble…even though it’s Caturday and obviously against the law!

The humans took a dinghy ride this morning and I was entrusted to stay in my spot under the other, smaller dinghy. You see if they leave the boat from anytime after dusk I’m cruelly locked inside the boat. They want the boat closed up in the evenings and they say I can’t be trusted on the deck on my own, because I like to run and jump around like a cool cat at dusk!

When they left I was fast asleep under Nauti the Walker Bay. Whilst they were gone though, I decided it would be fun to play hide and seek. Unfortunately, they didn’t see the funny side when they came back and couldn’t find me. I’m not going to reveal my location because I’m happy that I found a new spot that they don’t know about after all this time. I was so proud of myself that I didn’t even show my paw when they shook my treats that I’ll usually do anything for. After 10 minutes when I could hear they weren’t amused and I knew they weren’t looking in my direction I snuck out and announced myself. They thought they’d looked everywhere and instead of being rewarded I was chastised that I shouldn’t hide… My humans really don’t understand point of the hide and seek game!

I know they were just worried I’d gone overboard but honestly, they should know me better than that.


I hope your Caturday antics aren’t as misunderstood as mine!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Heh,heh,heh!
    We love it when a kitty puts one over on the humans!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  2. humans are not good in hide and seek, I agree… but I bet they were so happy as they saw you that you will get a treat now :o)


  3. Purrseidon is vey good a hide and seek, too… but she loves water so much that if we had left her alone with such a tempting opportunity, she probably would have jumped overboard, so I understand you staff’s concerns, too.

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  4. Jill clark says:

    Don’t worry your people for more than a few minutes! Have a wonderful weekend and give your people a few extra head butt and purrs to ake up for your misguided behavior.

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  5. mistletoeandhitch says:

    Our HuMom would start locking us up every time she left if we scared her like that more than once. We love teasing our HuMom but it always backfires if we end up scaring her instead. Maybe you could leave a signal so your people know when it’s time for games. That way you won’t find yourself confined below deck when you’d rather be reclined on deck.

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  6. mitzithedog says:

    I didn’t come out when the group of us was called a few times and because there are so many of us dogs I got left behind a few times. Kind of like that Home Alone Movie from long ago. My feelings were hurt thinking I wasn’t missed. Boy did my human feel guilty!

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  7. You tricked them in your game, but don’t worry them! Montyx

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  8. Ah, I see your humans pull the treat and retract trick too. When my human does that she says I shouldn’t be rewarded for bad behavior… but as you know, we kitties are NEVER bad!

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  9. It’s fun to watch human’s searching all over the house and out in the yard, calling my name over and over again. Makes me feel really special.
    Your friend in hiding, Keona (the king of all he surveys).


  10. Not good to play hide-and-seek while on the water.


  11. Aww, Bailey. You shouldn’t worry your humans so much – after all, they always look out for your well being. 🙂


  12. Diane sargent says:

    Oh Bailey, you scare me ! I do a nose count on my 3 kitties every nite…….


  13. Dear Bailey, I regret that we are on your humans’ side on this one. You gave them a frightful worry, and although it was nice that you were having fun and beling clever, you were causing distress!! Remember, boating rules are made for a reason!

    Hope you’ve all made up now and there will be no more extreme mischief aboard Nocturne!! Pat


  14. Humans don’t have a sense of humor, Bailey. They worry too much.

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  15. Oh Bailey, you must not scare them like that! You are going to get yourself locked up all them time! We have to agree that it would have scared all of us to death too!


  16. Bailey, you’re so silly!! Hiding from your mom and dad like that!!


  17. Bailey, I totally understand you humans. Sometime I feel the same when my “girls” hide under the blanket. They are able to flatten them self completely, than when I walk into the room, the bedding is in absolute perfect condition. “we are not here”. But your mum loves you so much that you should not do it too often. 🙂


  18. Bailey, I’m with you…I love to explore new places. I’m sure that you would come out when dinner was ready for you and they rang the bell to let you know ! 🙂


  19. Wow – risky move. You might get your treats taken away – worrying mum and dad like that!


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