Wedding season!

It’s all very exciting here aboard Nocturne today. The humans are packing ready to pop to Portugal tomorrow for a wedding. Jenni (dad’s sister) and Donal are getting married on Thursday in a beautiful place with all their furiends and family around them. I’d like to go of course, but someone needs to stay here and look after Nocturne. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, the humans can only really stay for the wedding and then they will be back on Friday… So I don’t have long to clean up after my wild party!

I’d like to wish Jenni and Donal a very special day and all the happiness in the world for their new lives together.

Pack me!

You’re all invited to my party just please… don’t tell my humans!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Mike Hartley says:

    Bailey, My sisters and I would love to come to your party, and we’ll even help you clean up ‘Nocturne’ after the party.
    Purrs and hugs from.
    Scout Pete H, Talley, Raven, Ms. Murphy and our Angel Kitties; Lucy-Fur, Sylvia Seville and Princess Maggie.


  2. have fun while the humans are away, Bailey. I hope someone comes to keep you company. Wish I could!


  3. The Feline Contingent says:

    Meow Bailey,

    We’re on our way. We’re bring nip and noms and all sorts of treats.

    Lilith, Rosco, Tina, & Lucky
    The Feline Contingent


  4. Have fun on your own, wish I could be with you! You will have a blast, sometimes humans are tooooo restricting! Montyx


  5. Convey our purrs to the bridal couple!


  6. pilch92 says:

    I will send my 15 kitties over, Sammy knows from the Scouts trip what a nice place it is.


  7. Let’s par-tayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Bailey, We’d love to party with you any time! Please give Jenni and Donal our very best wishes for a long and happy life!! Pat


  9. Best wishes to the happy couple 🙂
    We will be over to help you celebrate when your folks have left 😉
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  10. Congratulations to Jenni and Donal – now let’s party!


  11. Best wishes to Jenni and Donal! Tough luck you have to keep the pawty short–I’m on my way!


  12. Congrats to the happy couple,now lets get that party started,xx Speedy


  13. I’d be there for your pawtee in a heartbeat, and even help you clean up—but, alas it’s too short notice. Love you Bailey!!


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