Humans behaving like cats!

The closest humans can get to a feline existence is when they cross timezones! My humans are hilarious when they’re jet-lagged, they stumble around like blind kittens and sleep ALL day! I’m going to make the most of it!

Comfy in the cockpit

I hope you all have a restful weekend too!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. I hope your humans and you get lots of rest! Love Monty


  2. Rest up while you can, Bailey – they will be keeping you busy soon enough.


  3. Hope your humans recover from their trip quickly and are back to feeling good. That spot you found looks like a really nice place to nap!


  4. Aw, good to all catch up on some sleep so you can party over the weekend. Have fun! Pat By the way, my Felix and Maggie have joined the CatScouts, and they have introduced a new Maritime Cat Merit Badge. New members welcome!


  5. Enjoy the situation, Bailey, it won’t last ! Purrs


  6. mariodacat says:

    They might not have a problem if they napped a lot like us cats!


  7. Maybe they’re so tired that you’ll get two dinners, Bailey!


  8. Hehehe… Take advantage of it, handsome Bailey!😸


  9. that sounds like a great idea Bailey,xx Speedy


  10. Mee-you yur so funny Bailey!!
    **paw patss** Siddhartha Henry 🙂 an LadyMum 🙂


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