Internet Issues!

Ahhhhh! Furiends I’m having internet issues again. I’m usually a very calm boat cat, I don’t really have anything to get stressed about, but the one thing that really does wind me up is bad internet!

I’ve been trying to upload a pawesome Film on Friday for you all showing you all how agile I am in the dinghy! It keeps timing out though, so I think for today I’ve been defeated by a terrible connection. I’ll keep trying and hopefully it will be ready to share with you tomorrow instead.

Dinghy ride!

I hope you all have a pawesome weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. mistletoeandhitch says:

    Bad internet connection? Seems like that’s a world wide problem. That spinning circle drives us crazy! One day we’re going to get it though. We just have to keep sneaking up behind it’s back. We’ll be back for the video tomorrow. You look very handsome with the blue water reflecting your eyes!

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  2. don’t worry about it, Bailey. the web can be a pain sometimes for everyone. Looking forward to seeing it when the world of computers behaves better.

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  3. Hope your connection gets better. Have a fun weekend.

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  4. cindy long says:

    Know how u feel Bailey our internet keeps going down as well it is so annoying

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  5. mitzithedog says:

    Nw that we all depend on the internet for everything it is overloaded and failing. As long as we get to see you we can wait. Any day is a good day to see a film on Bailey. Not just Fridays

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  6. Hope it will get sorted Bailey! And don’t fall of your boat :o!

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  7. Bailey, you are adorable in your safety vest!

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  8. Good luck with the ‘net, my patient buddy! Pat

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  9. Don’t stress out, Bailey – it’ll get uploaded when it gets uploaded.

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  10. Oh Bailey Boat Cat, I feel your pain, mine was down on Thursday and it felt like my right wing was chopped off. Go chase the mouse for a while, it is always my mouse that gets the blame for everything going wrong on my computer, even when it is not the mouse’s fault. Hope your internet is back to working properly soon

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  11. The Swiss Cats says:

    We hope it gets fixed very soon ! We feel your pain : we have a very very very slow connection ; it works, but we’re not able to download many things at all. We even don’t know what streaming is ! Purrs

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  12. Urghhh we agree..nothing worse 😦 xx

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  13. Hope it gets sorted soon

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