Updates and a new book review!

Happy Fursday Furiends!

It’s been quite a miserable day here in Rome, it’s been grey and drizzling all day so I’ve taken the opportunity to update my blog. I updated my In the News section to include all the recent pawesome articles. I’m really blown away by such an impressive list of articles all about little furry me!

I’ve also added a new Reviews section where I’ve listed all the wonderful reviews that furiends have written about my book! There’s a brand new review added from my new furiend Simon over at Library of Cats. Please pop over to say Hi and see what he thought of my book. Once again thank you very much to evfurryone in the reviews section for taking the time and effort to write such lovely reviews. I’m always excited to read new reviews, so if I’ve missed one or you enjoyed my book and decide to write a review please just let me know.

I’ve also been educating myself in code and figured out how to get these cool little bubbles to link to all my social media!


If we’re not already connected you can simply click on a bubble to be taken to my profile. They will live on the top right hand side of my sidebar because I think they’re purrfect there. I hope you all like the changes!

Comfy spot!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. It’s good to take advantage of bad weather for constructive things! Although, I think napping would have been a fine use of the time. Glad you got your bubbles worked out. It is hard to find things on Pinterest so I am now following you there. Of course, I have been following you for a long time on Facebook. I don’t do the birdie thing. At least not yet.


  2. Dear Bailey, Lots of news in this blog. I did not know about the Library of Cats, so thanks for sharing! Great reviews for your book, too! Lucky that you have such a devoted staff to keep up with your activities> Pat


  3. The Swiss Cats says:

    Well done, Bailey ! We love your autumn blog update ! Purrs


  4. We love your Reviews page, B. Mom and I did a review over on amazon, and so did a couple of other people. I’m not sure you’re allowed to use those, but just in case- they’re there.

    Love and licks,


  5. The blog looks great, Bailey.


  6. Looking good Bailey! Love the review!


  7. Great review, Bailey! And nice buttons – I’m now following you on Pinterest!


  8. Looks brilliant


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