Naming ‘Nauti’ in Portoferraio!

What an eventful twenty-four hours furiends! We sailed around to Porrtoferraio when the swell really picked up where we were yesterday, by the beach. We spent the afternoon cleaning up and having fun. The humans went into the town for a couple of hours in the evening to have a wander around and something to eat which gave me some peace and quiet which was nice. The view here is beautiful.


We woke up at about four thirty in the morning with heavy rain. I asked the humans to bring all of the cushions in from the cockpit and as they were busy with that, a huge thunder and lightening storm passed directly overhead. There were thirty knot gusts of wind and we saw lots of boats around us dragging. (Where the anchor doesn’t hold and the boats either drag along their anchor or completely break free and are adrift.) Even though we didn’t budge, I instructed the humans to throw our spare fortress anchor overboard as a precaution. It’s fun to wake up to a bit of drama!

Then this morning we were visited by the police! They came to us first before making their way around the anchorage checking everybody’s paperwork was all in order. They checked the insurance and our passports. They were very interested in me so the humans told them I was famous and gave them one of my business cards- they can be so embarrassing sometimes!


We’ve decided on a name for my Walker Bay! She’s now lovingly known as ‘Nauti’. (Because she’s nautical and without the wind she misbehaves!) Thank you all for your great ideas I loved all of them but I agreed with a few of you who said a two syllable word begging with N would go best with the other boat’s names. I’ve now updated the My Boat section of the blog to My Boats since I now have a mini-fleet! What a lucky boat cat I am!

NautiNauti the Walker Bay!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Nauti is a very good name for it and it does fit your fleet’s naming convention. Our boat is Minstrel, and our dinghy is Jester. It was hard for mom to choose my name after finding her favourite was already used…(by you!)…mol. =^,,^=


  2. Oh I like “Nauti” (as in Naughty!). Fits quite nicely and I think it’s nice of you to let your Dad sail around in it……That port looks quite nice – I bet your Mom and Dad had a great meal there………..

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. kittiesblue says:

    Love the name, dearest brofur. Are you going to be able to accompany your dad in it or just watch fromNocturne? So glad all your paper work was in order when the police game. We wouldn’t want you to get hauled off to the slammer. The photos today are gorgeous, as usual. Thanks for visiting on our 2nd blogoversary to celebrate with us! XO from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  4. What a cute name for your new boat, Bailey!


  5. Great name Bailey!
    Well done for keeping everything in order during the storm. My mummy gets really scared by thunder and lightning so I have to keep an eye on her


  6. Nauti!??!! Like it, it made me laugh! Bit like the weather really – right? Naughty, but at least the police liked you 🙂

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver


  7. Sometimes, my name is also Naughty. That’s a sweet name for your little boat. What an exciting night! My only question for Mom is – Why don’t I have a business card??? Huh?

    Love and licks,


  8. Luv da name! And dat view are gorgeous!


  9. Dear Bailey,l NAUTI is a fabulous name, and purrfect! Please send a picture of you in her when her name’s been painted on.

    I loved the pix, especially YOU holding off the police patrol. Keep up the great reports and pix, and enjoy your new fleet!! Your pal, Pat


  10. I love that you have your own fleet. Welcome Nauti (great name by the way!)


  11. Nauti is nice. What adventures you are having.


  12. haha! Love the pic of Bailey overseeing his domain! Ellie


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