Catnip crash!

10 days left to benefit from the wonderful Waterstones deal!

Furiends I’d like to remind you if you’ve not already fished out a copy of my book you can sail on over to Waterstones here and get £2 off the RRP. The generous humans at Waterstones have given all of you, my dear furiends, this pawesome opportunity to get the book at a great price […]

Traumatic tummy talks!

Remember last summer the humans were concerned because I lost a fair bit of weight quite quickly? I talked about it here in Slimming down for the summer. Well recently I’ve been having quite the opposite problem! They’ve accused me of having a tubby tummy! A jelly belly? Me? I might have found my treats […]

Regal relaxing!

Ready, Set, Wear it!

This week is safe boating week and today all around the world people and pets are participating in Ready, Set, Wear it, a campaign to promote wearing lifejackets at sea and inland waterways. I thought I’d enjoy the day by sharing some of my lifejacket photos with you all. I actually have three of them […]

Luxurious lazarettes

We have tons of storage on Noccy and one place I love to explore and hangout is in the lazarettes. They’re basically storage lockers used for all our sailing and boat equipment that we need fairly handy. They’re accessed through a hatch under where we sit in the cockpit. The lazarettes provide access to the […]

Pizza and moonlit walks!

On dad’s birthday we’d intended to have a BBQ to celebrate but the wind really picked up. With gusts of 24 knots the humans decided to get pizza instead! I’ve never seen such a big pizza! It didn’t last long, so it must’ve been tasty! I was very happy to go for a nice moonlit […]

Thoughtful moment

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today’s my dad’s birthday! Unfortunately he had to work this morning but it meant I could dress Noccy up in balloons and lay out his presents nicely for his return. I was so excited I couldn’t wait for him to get home…. But he really did take his time! It was worth the wait though […]

Thank you to the kind crew of the Grande Spagna!

We had a great sail back from Ponza on Saturday. I did a quick paw patrol of the deck when we woke up and once I was happy we were good to go, I gave the word to raise the anchor. It was gorgeous sailing out and around the island as the sun rose. As […]