Happy at the helm!

Turtle Tuesday!

As you know I’m at cat camp, but for those of you who were wondering, the turtles at still happily swimming around in the flat. Before we left the humans and I cleaned out their tank and gave them lots of the tiny dried shrimps they love. Turtle treats are yummy… I like to swipe […]

Looking up

The humans are flying to Australia today! I’m going to spend the day looking up to see if I can see their plane. There are lots of planes that pass over so I’m unlikely to know which one is them but I’ll be happy watching out for them anyway! I hope you all have a […]

The humans are having a whale of a time!

The humans phoned me this morning! It seems like they’re having a whale of a time! They found a beached whale at St.John’s point in Donegal, Ireland. They were obviosly very sad to see such a pawesome animal dead on the beach but it was also such an honour to see a king of the […]

Caturday at Cat Camp!

Hi furiends! Happy Caturday! I’m enjoying cat camp especially my daily visits to the jungle outside. There are some other nice cats here too but luckily I’m still the favourite! I’m missing the humans a little tiny bit but I’m missing the boat lots! I hope you’re all having a pawesome weekend! Bisous from cat […]


When the water’s really calm it looks like glass and you can see reflections in it. Sometimes I see boats and buildings reflected but the thing that really makes me gasp is when I see my reflection! I don’t know why, but I always seem to think I’m bigger than I am! As far as […]

Trouble vs treats!

I often get in trouble with the humans when we’re in the marina for this…. Completely unreasonable right? Well it’s because when I slink off like this, they know it means I’m on a mission to hop off our boat and go and explore other boats! My humans say that this is rude because not […]

Feeling fabulous!

Cold shoulder.

Well tomorrow I’m off to cat camp… I have mixed feelings about it. The humans have been giving me lots of excuses as to why I can’t go on holiday with them this time. I don’t accept them as legitimate reasons though! So I’m giving them the cold shoulder! They’ve also tried to tell me […]

First proofs!

Over the weekend and again today I’ve been looking through my first proofs for my book! I’m putting the final finishing touches in before it goes to be printed. I’m soo excited! I’m really happy with how the book is coming together and I can’t wait until April when it will be published! I was […]