Mondays always seem to be so manic for humans… I don’t really understand why. I’m chillaxing today watching with amusement as my humans race around as if they’ve got fleas nipping their heels. Chillaxing is quite an art form it requires both chilling out and relaxing at the same time. Felines are masters of it, […]

Boat cat of the night!

It’s getting close to Halloween and I’m getting very excited! There’s so many fun things going on here in blog land, isn’t it fun?! I’ve been outside preparing for the ghosts and ghouls to arrive! I love being outside at night, the humans don’t usually let me because they think it’s dangerous, but that’s only […]

Complete Caturday!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’m happy because I have both my humans with me and it’s Caturday! I can’t remember the last time this happened! Hooray! Hope you’re all having fun! Bisous Bailey

Well wishes for the weekend.

This post is dedicated to my sisfur Nylablue. I know many of you already know her and know that she’s been batteling a variety of health complaints, but recently she’s unfortunately been diagnosed with pancreatitis. I’m an honorary Kitty Blue over at The cat on my head. So is the beautiful Nylablue which makes us […]

Turtle trip!

Yesterday after a long absence my human came home only to announce she was going out AGAIN! I wasn’t impressed and demanded an explanation as to what could possibly be more important than spending time with me. It turned out we needed more turtle food. I’m used to long journeys in the car between Nice […]

Endless energy!

Snorkelling secrets!

When we’re out on anchor my humans love to go snorkelling. On the one hand I find watching them hilarious… They put on fins and silly masks with tubes that stick up out of their heads like alien antenna. On the other hand they can be sooo embarrassing! Sometimes they snorkel around the boat so […]

Mammoth Monday.

Wow, what a busy day. What is it about Mondays that makes them so tiring? I’ve done lots without really doing anything at all! I’m in need of a good nap now! I hope you all have a pawesome week! Bisous Bailey

Dreaming of dinghy days!

The weather is definitely changing here on the Med. It’s still warm, but there’s lots of storms passing through. I’m looking back through my photos from the summer… Oh how I miss the summer and dinghy days! Bisous Bailey

Keep your tail high when you’re caught being naughty!

Why is it when you know you’re not allowed to do something, it makes it sooo much more appealing? I got the humans in all of a bother a couple of times over the summer… When it’s really hot and sunny we put a shade cover over the cockpit to keep cool. We attach it […]