Incredible idea!

Spectacular sunsets

One of my favourite things to enjoy out on the boat is the spectacular sunsets we see. As you know finding the best spot for a sunset is something I’m very experienced in. There’s no better way to end the day than taking the time to lap up the sunset. Enjoy your sunset wherever you […]

Blink and you miss it!

Why is it always Monday that seems to be busiest day of the week? This is what I think of Mondays! The one good thing is since they’re so busy they seem to go really quickly. If you blink you miss it! Bisous Bailey

Turtle thieves!

It’s been a little while since I shared some photos of my turtles and I know lots of you love them like I do. However, as much as I love them I don’t appreciate them trying to steal my food! Even though the picture is slightly blurry I think it clearly shows how naughty they […]

Lending a helping paw.

Happy Caturday everyone! My human has completely misunderstood what the day is about and is trying to ‘work’ on the computer. So I decided to hop up and help get it finished faster… Apparently I’m too heavy to lay there for long, so I swapped to an even more helpful position… It worked! My help […]

Will you take the leap?

Tanker talks!

While we were sailing to Ponza we passed a tanker… He honked his horn at us and we weren’t sure what he meant by it, so I hopped down to take control of the situation. We called them up on the VHF radio to ask why they had tooted us… It turned out they just […]

Spellbound by the sea-breeze

Rose the Tamar Lifeboat

The Lizard Lifeboat station have a Tamar class lifeboat called Rose. The Tamar lifeboats are the newest all-weather lifeboats in the fleet. They have a computerised Systems and Information Management System (SIMS) so that the crew can access many of the onboard controls for navigation and controlling the lifeboat remotely meaning they can stay in […]

Really entertaining rescue!

My humans are in Cornwall in the UK. Yesterday they went down to The Lizard Lifeboat Station open day. They got to meet some of the crew and watch a practice rescue! The photos look pawesome! I wish I’d been there to enjoy it too! The man overboard let off an orange daytime flare to […]