Buzzing with Bicycles!

Today marks the start of the 100th edition of the Tour de France!

Here in Nice there’s an exciting buzz as everyone waits in anticipation for the race to pass through!




The promenade is going to be closed when they arrive but because there will be so many people on the beach still there are designated places to cross the road. As you all know I love bikes, so I’m very excited that we will get to see some of the race live!


Bisous Bailey


  1. How very exciting Bailey 🙂 perhaps you could just join in 😉


  2. What fun! So when does the Tour de Bailey start? It won’t be long!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Well it was planned for the end of 2014 Sammy but the humans won’t confirm that yet, it may need to be pushed back due to something they call ‘finances’. So I’ve just got my paws crossed for as soon as possible! Bisous Bailey


  3. Sounds like fun. What a great place to be right now. I also love bikes but I have to do the pedaling.


  4. What at great part of the world to be in at this time of year! And Bailey, I love you in your bike gear!


  5. Ms. Phoebe says:

    Mew ride a bike too?! MEWOW Bailey, mew are a true Renaissance mancat! I don’t mean to seem rude, but I’ve wondered how mewz humans manage to do anything when mew are NOT with them? They require mewz direction on the Nocturne, while riding a bike, for fixing things, etc., it’s hard to imagine them surviving without mew to make sure no disasters erupt. As the superior species we cats are used to supervising, training, advising, punishing our humans, but most of us only have to worry about what goes on within our homes and maybe a yard– where do mew get the energy to handle so many facets of mewz family’s unique lifestyle? I’m exhausted simply thinking about it! MOL!


  6. I love going for a bike ride with my mum. I only wish we had the chance to see the Tour de France one day. You are sooooo lucky.


    • I don’t go cycling very often because my human complains that I wriggle too much! =^.^= maybe I could come cycling with you one day? =^.^=


      • That would be great. I could show all the great bike tracks here in Adelaide (and huge trees, great for climbing he he).


  7. Bailey Hi!! sooooo happy to meet you!! I think you have to be one of the most INTERESTING kitties I have ever met! So happy to have found your blog on Peace, Love and Whiskers!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Mom and I are your newest followers! Love, Cody and Caren from Cat Chat


  8. How lucky you are that you get to be in Nice for the Tour de France, Bailey! Wow!


  9. That looks like so much fun and you get a Bailey’s eye view of it! Enjoy your people watching.


  10. Viva la Tour de France!!! (Mum helped me wif dat phraze!)
    We declare BAILEY da winner!!!!
    Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo


  11. Thanks for your tour, Bailey 🙂


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