Preparing to go cruising- side effects!

Our dream to go cruising is steadily becoming a reality as the humans and I are ticking off things, on the very long to do list. We are preparing both Nocturne and our personal lives ready to cast off on our adventure.

My humans and I have noticed that our plans and choice of lifestyle have meant we are experiencing some side effects…

For me, the main side effect is my inability to think about ANYTHING else! I can NOT wait to go! I spend my days dreaming of the fair winds caressing my fur. My whiskers billowing in the breeze and my paws patting all the tasty fish. I occasionally get sea sick (which isn’t the nicest side effect) if we’re rolling, but my beautiful Nocturne is so sturdy we’re usually very comfortable.


Side effects for Captain James (my dad): He rarely leaves the boat voluntarily. I mean, he has a job and he goes out for essentials and the occasional dinner date but otherwise he is very concentrated on my Nocturne’s needs and getting her ready for our cruising adventure. When he does venture onto land he is incapable of walking past a hardware store… He’s obsessed with cable ties, epoxy, glue and pretty much all tools!


Side effects for the First Mate Lou (my mum): She’s suddenly very interested in all things safety related. When dad installed the new pump I was shocked to see that rather than pretending to be interested (like I’ve seen her do on many other pump related occasions) she actually really was! She’s been learning all about the backups and safety items that we have on board. She’s also studying for her sailing qualifications because both she and dad agree that she needs to be both capable and confident to handle Nocturne on her own in case dad is ever poorly or incapacitated.


Side effects we’re all experiencing:

We have to play mercy to the weather and our surroundings.

We’ve all become a lot more aware of how much waste we produce and how we will try to minimise it when we’re cruising full time.

We’re all also very conscious of our water consumption and try to make our ample water tanks last as long as possible. Paws crossed one day we’ll have a water maker, but even then we won’t take water for granted, it’s worth more than cat treats on a boat!

We’re realising that we’re all really bad at fishing and will endeavour to improve!

All three of us are very happy to be getting closer to our cruising dream and closer to nature.

Bisous Bailey


  1. Oh I know how happy the three of you will be when you’re finally on the open seas cruising full-time doing what the three of you love the most…together. Just keep moving down that “to-do” list – one day soon you’ll be on your way to the dream.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. No such thing as too much safety on a boat!


  3. Except becoming sea sick, all good side effects to have.


  4. Lorna Mitchell says:

    I love this photo of you and Mum studying the maps Fingers and paws crossed you are all able to go on holiday soon x


  5. This is so awesome! I never thought about it much before, but yes, I imagine cruising would make everybody involved so much more aware of everything important in life!


  6. Stay well and follow that dream


  7. Hope your dream is all that you hope for!


  8. All good plans! So good that mum (and you!) will know how to handle the boat in an emergency that we hope never happens. In that picture, you are just as intense at learning as she is!


  9. I’m so excited for you Bailey! We hope you are extra careful in your safety prep and can’t wait to hear about your cruising stories!


  10. you are all very wise; the sea is a fickle friend; caution is best always. You will have a marvelous time I am sure and I am so happy it is you Bailey and not me going on that boat…shudder


  11. As long as you are all really good at sailing, the fishing skills can wait.


  12. Oh Bailey.. what a life! I would be a little concerned to be cruising on open water (I can’t swim all that well) but you make it sound so wonderful it makes me want to be brave. I wanted to drop by and give you the WP Family award.. (please click on the link to pick it up). I love the blog and love the pictures. I’ve learned so much about sailing from you.. thank you so much for sharing.


  13. Ohhhh I wish we were in the official planning stages!!


  14. It really is all in the planning. Well done for thinking about so many things now – you should be ready for most eventualities when that dreamed of day comes 😉


  15. Hey, Bailey, before you go, you have a few nominations to go. We hope you’ll join The Family. Pawkiss 🙂


  16. Aww thank you! You’re so kind! Bisous Bailey


  17. As long as you all have fun! 😀


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