Vee-berth improvements!

Dad was a busy bee yesterday and among other things, he sorted out the vee-berth. This is where the humans sleep, and they swear it’s the comfiest bed in the whole world!

The only trouble was it was getting very humid with the difference in temperature inside and outside the cabin. So underneath, the mattress cushions were getting all wet and starting to go mouldy. This meant we had to keep ripping up the bed so we could air them out. I didn’t mind this because it made a great den to hide and play in…


When the humans went to the London Boat Show they invested in an under-mattress anti moisture layer to go underneath.

It should prevent condensation build-up, mould and mildew formation and in turn freshen the cabin air. Sounds pawesome doesn’t it?

Well yesterday dad got around to cutting it to size and fitting it under the mattress.



I think it looks great and I’m sure the humans will be happy with a nice dry bed. I’m feeling quite sad at the loss of my den. I’m going to suggest we pull up the mattress in a couple of weeks anyway, just to double check its working well so I get my den back!


Bisous Bailey


  1. In the meantime, maybe they could get you a box to hang out in? Cats and boxes go together like bees and honey I think.


  2. I think the humans should pull up that mattress regularly just for you, Bailey!


  3. Teddy and you seem to be able to made a bed out of anything! You look so cute and cozy – maybe your folks will pull the mattress up for you from time to time. 🙂


  4. Oh kitty, your pouting in the last photo!


  5. I like your little tent Bailey, Perhaps your peeps should find somewhere else to sleep BOL


  6. I wonder how sleeping in a boat would be like!


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