Turtle tank extraordinaire!

Oh my cat I’m sooo excited!

My mum’s birthday is in March but since her mum is here, she and mum’s dad have given her her birthday present early!

It’s kind of my present too even though my birthday’s not until July…


It’s an aqua-terrarium!!!


I’ve been checking it out and let me tell you it’s pawesome!


I’ve got a new box to play with too which is always a bonus.


I wish I’d gone to the shop with them because apparently the guy’s got lots of turtles there. Of all shapes and sizes. He also informed the humans that my turtles are forbidden in France because if they were released into the wild they’d overpower the French turtles. But I just think that makes them extra special!

We realised we’ve been doing lots of things wrong, but we’ve learnt now and set up the new tank. We’re very excited to put them in once the temperature’s right.


Bisous Bailey


  1. MaChatte wanted me to tell you that she agrees that sometimes the box is the best part of any project! I’m glad you checked the tank out first to make sure it will be ok for your turtles.


  2. Don’t fall in there, the snapping turtle will bite!


  3. Cool 🙂


  4. What an exciting life you have!


  5. Our cats always loved cartons as well…


  6. wowzer, Bailey, I cannot wait to see the new turtle’s home! you know, we could both sit there and watch the little creatures, I love watching other animal friends! At my house I always watch the bunnies, they are so much fun to look at, especially when my human friend bath’ them in the sink!
    If ever you wanna visit my blog, you are welcome! I always tell on my human friend, she is a naughty lass and all should know about her behaviour! Here is the link: http://alessandrassonderausgaben.blogspot.ch/
    ♥ sending you a cat-kiss, Bailey ♥


  7. Bailey that birthday present for your Mum is wonderful! The turtles are going to love having that grand extra space – can’t wait to see a photo of it after you and Mum have “decorated” it with plants or rocks or whatever you do with all that lovely space! AND you got a brand new study box out of the deal – – – it’s definitely a “win/win” !

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  8. The turtles are spoiled!


  9. A two-in-one gift, that’s quite good.


  10. Oh Bailey dat new quarium iz pawsum!!!
    Yer turtlez are gonna lub it!!!!
    N you got a new box..it’z what me Mum callz a win-win situashun!!! 😉
    Lub Nylablue.


  11. Where are you going to put the turtles when you go cruising?


    • Yet another example of how irresponsible the humans were. They naively thought they’d be OK in a little tank that we could build into one of the cupboards. Little did they realise the fact they they need quite a large and complicated setup or the fact they should live for about 30 years!!!! So we are unsure atm who will look after them when we set off, but all the extended family love them so they will find a good home when the time comes! =^.^=


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