Snow problem in the West End!

The humans are back!

They both managed to get on the first flights to Nice and Rome this morning without any hassle. Apparently it was still snowy, but they had snow problems getting back. Mum came and picked me up at lunchtime and since then I’ve been doing my cute routine and getting lots of attention and treats.


The humans made the most of their visit to London. As well as The Boat Show they went to see my mum’s best friend Chlöe, who’s in Wicked in the West End. They loved the show. I think the stage looks pawesome!


Mum and dad pushed the boat out (hehe not our boat!) and had some bubbly while they watched the show.


Then Chlöe invited them both backstage after the show for a tour. Mum had been on a tour before but this is my dad’s debut on a West End stage!!!


How cool is that? I’m so proud! Here’s mum and Chlöe backstage…


I’d love to go and see my Aunt Chlöe on the stage one day, I think she’s the best singer in the world!

Do you like going to the theatre? What’s your favourite show?

Anyway I’m off to play hide and seek with my mouse!

Bisous Bailey



  1. Pretty darn cool Bailey!


  2. So what’s with the green baby thing? Is that the wicked thing?


  3. That’s so cool! Mummy loved Wicked when she saw it. But her favourite show is Les Mis 🙂
    Glad your foolks got back ok xx


  4. You did your cute routine…..seems like you’re doing that all the time! Glad they both got home safe, and you got home too.


    • Awwww! You think I’m cute! My whiskers are curling! hehe! =^.^=


      • No, I think you are adorable! We had a pair of Siamese years ago, Seals. Gave us 3 litters of kittens. Each time I had a nest prepared for her and she tried to have them on our bed. So each time I went to the nest with her and spent most of the night, officiating at the births. Siamese cats are beautiful in looks and spirit both!


      • Aww what lovely memories now though! I have to agree with you obviously that Siamese really are special! =^.^=


  5. Great pics bailey, the baby looks kinda funny colored. 😉


  6. So happy to hear your Mum and Dad got home safely after their close encounter with winter in England! 😀 That’s pawsome that they went to the theater and saw your Mum’s friend. My parents haven’t been to a “real” theater (other than our little community theater) in years……but they loved “Mousetrap” which was an Agatha Christie mystery the last time they went. Pssssst…….Bailey………I know where your mousie is!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • That sounds like a cool show Sammy! I would love to go to the theatre think of all the pawesome hiding places! I’m happy they’re back too! they said they don’t miss the cold weather… it’s mild here at the moment. Bisous Bailey


  7. I think the mouse has found you…


  8. My favorite show would be the Queen Musical that I have seen in London years ago. 🙂


  9. Glad your humans found their way out of the snow. It can be very inconvenient when it intrudes on your travels.


  10. Yow Bailey diz iz guud newz da Hu’Manz made it back safe n sound!!!! Now fingz can get back to normal, right?? 😉


    • As normal as our little family is! Bisous Bailey


      • Bein Youneek Iz da new normal me Mum tellz me!!!!
        Oh n she told me when she waz a bazillion yearz younger she had 2 baby snappin turtlez named Samson n Goliath!! She had dem fer a year but when she n da husband broke up, he got dem to keep…
        Mum kept me when she n me Hu’man Dad broke up!!! Whew!!!


      • Wow at least you and you’re mum stayed together Nylablue! That’s the most important. Snapping turtles? They sound cool but a bit scary maybe? My turtles don’t bite. =^.^=


      • Mum said after she had to gibe up her dog Bogart Sam (the Husky/Shepherd) & then da turtlez she wuud neber give up another critter eber again 😉
        Mum sayz the snapperz were da size of yer turtlez so dey were not scary altho they did grab onto her finger n she cuud pick dem up az they dangled, lol….
        Dey were eild when dey were caught n Mum wanted to take dem back to where they were frum but da husband took dem n Mum haz no idea if he set dem free or kept dem….
        On a side note me Mum used to handfeed GROWN snapperz!!!
        She haz a way wif dem eben when they are so big!!! Dey neber try to put the bitey bite on her; ammazing!!!!!


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