London boat show

Hi from cat camp everyone!

My humans have gone off to the boat show in London today and so I’m enjoying some time with my fellow felines at cat camp! They just rang and told me they’ve had a great day!

Dad is very happy to have bought a wifi antenna so we can get wifi from 3 miles off the coast if not more. Mum is excited to have an anti-moisture layer to go underneath the cushions in the v-berth so we won’t get condensation and mould underneath the mattress anymore!

I’ve been saying about the oxidisation on the porthole covers for a long time, and they have invested in a pawsome new cleaning product which we all hope will clean them up nicely! Can’t wait to try it out!

I got an email with a couple of pictures too! As you all know, my mum’s Cornish so she was excited to see a Cornish Crabber there!

I’m having a great time here at cat camp because a Siamese cousin of mine is here too! He’s quite a bit older than me and he’s teaching me lots of tricks!

Hope you’ve all had as good a day as us!

Bisous Bailey




  1. Take care at cat camp my friend! Bowie says “Meow!”


  2. How can you get wifi so far off shore Bailey? Hmmmm. Glad your having fun!


  3. Have fun at camp you gorgeous thing you!


  4. Hi, Bailey, glad you’re having fun at camp!


  5. Nice to see a picture of a Cornish Crabber. nice little boat.


  6. Very nice! Have fun at cat camp


  7. Cat camp sounds like a lot of fun!


  8. Sounds like your humans found some great new products for the boat! I’m really interested in hearing how well they work and learning more about them. Our hope is to buy a live aboard sailboat in the next 10 years and it could be great information for us down the road.

    Have fun at cat camp! 🙂


    • Oh cool! Lots of people told mum she was a little strange getting so excited about an anti-moisture layer but when you’re living on a boat the condensation and mould can be a real pain, and hopefully this will really help! We are hoping to go cruising in the next two years, we have some projects to do, and a healthy sized wish list, but once that all aligns with slipping the work commitments the humans have, we’ll be off! =^.^=



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  2. […] the humans went to the London Boat Show they invested in an under-mattress anti moisture layer to go […]


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