Food fit for an admiral

I’m very relieved today to see a HUGE bag of food arrive, because once again I was fast running out of my favourite biscuits. The humans and I are always so busy and sometimes my little Tupperware box of biscuits gets scarily low before the new shiny bag arrives.

Well this should be avoided for a long time now because LOOK!


It’s bigger than me!!!! It’s a whopping 8 kg instead of my usual 1.5 kg bags. It’s the perfect food for me because it gives me a well balanced diet and gives me all the good things I need. Technically I don’t need anything else at all in my diet… But that’s not what I tell the humans…. They think the little bits of meat and cat treats I get are helping me stay fighting fit too! Hehe! Silly humans! They asked if I wanted tuna or chicken flavour, but since this year I’m determined to catch some fish for myself I chose the chicken!



I couldn’t wait for mum to sort out putting them into the daily box so I helped the process along a little…




They are soooo yummy! I love them so much I gave the bag a little Bailey bisou!



  1. Ahhh…provisions arrived just in time huh Bailey? That staff on board ship shouldn’t make you wonder whether or not you’ll be running out of food any time soon and with that gigantic bag you should be in FINE shape for a very long time!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. So, did you open than zip yourself? 😉


  3. Great news Bailey! That same company markets this as Hill’s Science Diet brand in the States, same food I’m sure. Best stuff out there. Yum!


  4. Knowing how to open the bag yourself is so important, especially when the kibble is so tasty!


  5. Great food – but Bailey – did you read what was written on the bag!?..


  6. Two rounds of a-paws for spayed/neutered kitties! 🙂


  7. MaChatte always likes to see me pouring her kibble into the plastic container. She eats canned food too, and really likes to watch the cans going into her cabinet. Security……yea, more food just for me! I see that you sampled a couple, to make sure they were right, good.


  8. Ah! That’s exactly how I like to get my food too: directly into the bag!


  9. Ok Bailey, I know you’re gonna take this hard… and it’s obvious now that you can’t read ‘human’…. so here goes… There’s a big sign saying STERILISED CAT written on it. Honey, your chance of being a dad may be lost here. Keep away from the bag…dude!!!! Did you ever see ‘Poltergeist’… and the small old woman is telling the kids to move away from the light… that’s me telling you to move away from the bag… in that same voice!!!


  10. EEowww Bailey dat shure iz a B-i-G bag of cat kibble az we call it here!!! Me used to eatz diz befur me teefiez were taken out. Me den had to switch to Royal Canin kibble so me cuud nom dem wifout teefies 😉
    Me eatz more canned food az you can imagine but me lubz a bit of kibble druing da day n in da evenin when watchin da TV.
    Me also likez to see many canz of wet food comin in da house….den me knowz me haz lots to eat fer a long time…..
    BTW you iz so bery bery handsum; makez diz old cat’z heart skip a beat!!!
    Lub Nylablue. ❤


    • Awww Nylablue you always make me smile! Wet food is even more yummy than biscuits but I’m only allowed it occasionally. I love how you guys over the pond call it kibble! Maybe I’ll start calling it kibble in a hope to sound more exotic! hehe! Bisous Bailey


  11. Bailey, I can almost smell the Chicken 🙂


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