Happy to be home!

Hi furriends! I’m back!!!

My mum and dad picked me up from cat camp last night. I’m so happy to be home. As you know I was quite apprehensive about cat camp, but it wasn’t so bad in the end. The human was nice and I got lots of treats. I was a little ‘misunderstood’ by the other cats… They didn’t really understand why I was wistfully longing for the sea. I tried to explain to them that I’m a boat cat and even when I stay in the flat I can see the sea from my cat tree but they didn’t ‘get’ it. This led to a few heated hisses but we made friends eventually.

Me and the nice lady at cat camp.

I was a little shocked as my Facebook friends will have seen, to hear that my humans tried to steal my friends over at SV Buckeye while they were away. It turns out it was just another example of what a small world it is as my friends were anchored 5 minutes away from where mum and dad were staying, at a really cool place called The Old Key Lime House. They had a great time together and I suppose I can share my friends because I’m sure that secretly they like me the most anyway! I’ll tell you more about my lovely friends and their adventures tomorrow.

SV Buckeye

In the first few days at cat camp I really had some nasty thoughts about my mum and dad, and the fact they abandoned me, so I was plotting my revenge. Time is a great healer though and as I began to enjoy my holiday I had time to reflect. I realised it would be a lot easier to manipulate them into not leaving me behind again, if I gave them a treat. So I cat-tacted American Airlines and arranged for them to fly home first class. My mum had never flown first class and my dad loves it (obviously) so it seemed worth it. It paid off because when they came to get me they were so happy. I could hear my mum coming a mile away when they came because she was so excited to pick me up!

I love my humans so I gave them a special treat!

They said they’ve brought me back some presents too, but they’re still in the suitcase.

My presents are in here!

Today I’ve been settling down and starting to catch up on all of my furriends. I’m super excited to learn that I’ve been nominated for two awards! My first awards! I’m so chuffed and really really grateful to Sammy from One Spoiled Cat for giving them to me. I’m literally the cat that got the cream tonight at home with my humans and loving life afloat.

I can’t wait to properly catch up with you all and hear about how you’ve been. I’ve got some pawsome stories to tell you too!

Love Bailey


  1. Glad you’re back Bailey. We missed you big time. Bowie says “Meow!”
    Looking forward to hear your stories…


  2. I missed you, Bailey! So glad to know that you had a good experience at cat camp. There really is no place like home, though; glad you’re back with your family!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Bailey! Welcome home! I wanted you to have some surprises when you got back to your blogging friends and I’m glad you like your blog awards! Can’t wait to hear what your parents brought back for you from their trip…….and by the way – it was pawsome that you arranged first class airfare home for them – what a lovely gift!!! I know you were well taken care of at the cat hotel but I ALSO know that “there’s no place like home” !!

    Kitty Hugs, Your Friend Sammy


    • You’re such a great furriend Sammy! Thank you! I’m not sure what I have to do to accept them and pass them on though? I’m still waiting for my present, mum’s been working and she hasn’t unpacked yet. Paws crossed she’ll do it this evening! Bisous Bailey


  4. Can’t wait to hear what the presents are!


  5. Welcome home Bailey. I’m looking forward to hearing about your presents when you get them. I’m glad your time at cat camp wasn’t so bad.


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