Happy Guy Fawkes night everyone!

It’s bonfire night!!! It’s really interesting because it means lots and lots of twigs and sticks have been placed all together in one giant heap. How much fun does that sound? I love playing with twigs! Unfortunately I’ve been told that the humans will burn all of these with some kind of ‘guy’ in the middle.

It all dates back to some English human called Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. Sounds like fun to me but it’s not allowed apparently. The humans have this little rhyme which is quite funny!

Remember remember the 5th of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

The humans seem to be really excited about the fireworks that will be going off like crazy. I don’t like them…. Sure, they look pretty but they make a horribly loud bang and it’s just a bit frightening. I’m usually very brave but there’s just something a bit worrying about the random bangs that puts me on edge.

My mum used to live in Bristol and there they have a firework display at the zoo. AT THE ZOO! What a silly idea, I thought when she told me, we four legged friends don’t like them…. But then she explained to me it’s a special display, with friendly no bang fireworks! It sounds amazing. I wish we could go tonight but it’s a two hour flight away and mum said no.

I hope that all my furrfriends are safely snuggled up inside and that you’re not too scared.

To all my human friends, have fun at the firework displays!




  1. Hi Bailey…….I’m with you – that firework stuff is just WAY too noisy for my taste. I would enjoy the SILENT fireworks your Mom said they had at the zoo but not the loug bang/pop/splat/whammo of the other kind! No Sir! Hope you had a quiet Guy Fawkes night after all………..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. Great to hear about animal-friendly fireworks – need to look into those. Thanks!


  3. Oh, Bailey, I wouldn’t like the fireworks either! Thankfully, we don’t have anything like that near enough for me to hear them. Animal friendly fireworks sound cool!
    Love, Sundae


  4. I don’t like firework. Makes the cats scared. 😦


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